Blocked Drain: Here’s How You Can Deal with It

So, the drainage pipes in your kitchen or toilets cannot drain water quickly? You may be in for some big trouble.

Blocked drain pipes can become a nuisance in no time. Not only dirty water can’t pass through, it’ll also produce an unpleasant smell, making it difficult for you to breathe. This deposited water also spreads diseases and puts your health at stake.

In order to clean the blocked sink and toilet drains, some people opt for a DIY method in an attempt to save costs. However, it’s in your best interest to get an appointment with a professional drain plumber as soon as you notice that the flow of water has slowed down. Here’s an insight into the reasons why you need to hire professional services:

Drain Cleaning Dublin
Drain Cleaning Dublin


·        Problem Detection

If the flow of water down the drain is slow, it indicates there’s some underlying problem. However, you may not be able to detect the actual problem on your own. On the other hand, if you hire professional drain plumbers, they can use modern tools to identify the root cause. They can also detect other issues with the drainage system that may create problems in the future. One of the common technique we use is drain survey using the camera to identify the defects with drains.

·        Quick Service

Leaving the drainage problem unaddressed will only worsen it. So, contact professional drain plumbers or drainage engineers to clean the drain pipes in your kitchen, shower, and toilets. They can get rid of the leakage or blockage problems quickly.

·        Avoid Further Damage

Trying to unblock drainage pipes on your own may save you initial investment; however, you may end up spending a huge sum if you make any mistake. Instead of taking such a huge risk, you should hire professional workers at the earliest. They’ll carry out the tasks properly and save costs in the long run.

·        Efficiency

Unlike DIY workers, professional drainage companies can carry out the drain repair works and unblock sink drain in an efficient way. They possess the expertise and have years of experience in dealing with similar issues. They’re aware of the causes that may lead to clogged drain pipes and clear the pipes quite efficiently.

·        Safety

Many people use strong chemicals to unclog a sink drain. However, the exposure to chemicals may result in various health problems. Therefore, leave it to professional drainage company to clean your drainage system without using life-threatening chemical products.

Now that you know about the prominent benefits of acquiring professional drain cleaning services, you should refrain from going for a DIY method. You can contact Greenday drainage service to get rid of any drainage problems.

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7 Reasons to Get Your Drains Checked Now

Whether you live in an apartment, a house, a mansion or own a business, blocked drains are hands down the most annoying thing ever. Not just that, realizing that fact a bit too late only makes matters worse because the time it’ll take to repair the blocked drains can vary depending on the damage that has been done. Luckily, there are ways to identify drain clogging before one reaches the point where their drains are unusable.

Drain cleaners

Here are 7 reasons why you should get your drains checked out today:

1.      Early Detection of Disaster

By asking your drain plumber or drainage engineer to check your drains in Dublin well in advance, you’ll be able to detect any future mishaps before they even occur. This way, your drains are going to be clean and problem free.

2.      Early Prevention

A blocked toilet drain is one of the worse things that can happen, mainly because everyone does have to go to the toilet plenty of times a day. By getting your drains checked out in advance, you’ll be able to prevent an otherwise disastrous situation from occurring.

3.      Stay Ahead of the Weather

Staying ahead of the weather can help prevent a variety of problems such as blocked drains in Dublin. Due to the unpredictable rain and storms in the city, opting to get your drains checked prior to rain storms will definitely help you avoid the chances of waking up to find your outside drain blocked.

4.      Maintain Proper Hygiene

A blocked sewer drain in Dublin can contribute to health concerns due to the amount of bacteria that can spread as a result of this. To maintain proper hygiene within your home and to ensure that your drains are always clean, you should get it checked today.

5.      Avoid Dealing with Foul Odour

Waiting for warning signs before opting for drain unblocking in Dublin means that you’ll be dealing with foul odours for quite some time before the drain plumber finally show up. If you’ve ever had blocked drains, then you must know that the odour of clogged drains is one of the worst smells in the world.

6.      Save Money Effectively

Getting your drains checked in advance also means that you’ll be going easy on your wallet, mainly because you’ll be able to solve the problem before it even gets triggered. If you wait until the very last minute, you’ll be saving a lot more.

7.      Save Your Time

By the time your drains get blocked, the damage is done and solving the problem might take a lot of time. Save your time by opting for early drain cleaning services to be sure that there won’t be a disaster in the future.

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Drain inspection: 3 Reason Why You Must Invest in a Drain Survey

A blocked drain is one of the nastiest nightmares for a homeowner. Imagine the waste  you thought was gone and dealt with, coming back to flood the house. The very thought of it makes a person quiver.

A blocked drain can be caused by a variety of reasons. Build-up of an obstruction, a dead animal in the pipes, or just something that you threw down the drain but was too big to fit there in the first place, all lead to a clog. However, since most of these drainage pipes are underground, it is almost impossible to figure out what the possible cause is unless you dig up the entire plumbing, which obviously is not a great idea.

Drain survey service providers have addressed this problem by putting technology to good use. They use CCTV drain cameras mounted on tubes, a piece of equipment that will send it down the blocked pipes to determine the exact cause and location of the problem. Greenday drains uses  hd digital cctv drain cameras, push rod cameras, remote controlled crawler units for drain and pipeline inspection. This post elaborates how this technology works by highlighting some potential benefits of CCTV drain inspection.

1. Drain Inspection

Time, cost, and labor effective solution to a complex problem

As with all problems, it is necessary to know what is blocking your drain pipes and where in order to effectively remove it and ensure your rooms are not flooded with filth. Manually searching for the cause or pouring solutions that might dissolve and dislodge the obstacle might not always work and if they do, they’ll require extensive efforts and resources in terms of cost and labor. CCTV pipe inspection can effectively identify the exact cause and location of the problem without much hassle.

2. A blessing for new Home Owners

Clogged drains are usually hidden away and not evident during initial home inspections. The previous owners might also breeze over the fact assuming you might not find out until you move in. However, once you move in, clogged plumbing can come as a huge shock and give you potential headaches. A CCTV drain survey can help you bypass this scary scenario easily and save you substantial costs at the same time.

3. Sorting out a huge drainage problem with minimal effort

Having to dig up or redo the entire plumbing fixtures in your place could mean a lot of fuss and subsequent costs. Drain surveys handle the problem for you with any of the tiring formalities or extensive repair works.

Drain surveys are gaining popularity because they effectively use technology to solve a problem that can potentially be challenging for the inhabitants of a residential or commercial place. Drain surveys make life easier by offering a time effective, cost-saving solution for both old and new homeowners. 

CCTV drain survey cost varies from the complexity of the problem. Greenday does not charge call out fee. Please contact us to know about the cctv drain survey price.

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Why CCTV Drainage camera survey is important before Drain Cleaning?

The worst thing about drainage problems is when you cannot track the main cause of the issue. If you face similar issues with the drainage system at your house, office or school, then drain cleaning is what you should be considering.

Drain Cleaning involves the process of clearing the obstructions in the sewerage. This is done through high-pressure water jetting in the drainage and sewer. There are other various methods as well for drain cleanings, such as Drain Snakes, plungers etc

Methods of Drain Cleaning

Blocked drains are cleared through various methods. Following are three professional methods for clearing the sewerage so as to speed up the flow of water;

Drain Snake Method:

This method involves the use of a device that enables you to clear out major clogs from the sink without using harmful chemicals. The device works as a corkscrew, as it goes down the drain until it reaches the point that leads to the clog. This method is generally used for bore pipes,  drains serving sinks, blocked showers and blocked bath.

Water Jetting Method:

The most common method of drain cleaning is the water jetting method. Most of the drainage engineers use this method because of its effective results. It involves a hydro-jetter, equipped with a motorized device, which blasts water at the highest speed, to flush away the obstructions clearing the way along the drainage pipes.

Drainage survey or Drainage camera survey:

This is an advanced method which enables you to reach the root cause of the clog. This method is used when Water Jetting doesn’t fix the drain cleaning issues. The procedure involves a pipe equipped with a closed circuit camera, which is connected to a screen that clearly shows the obstructions causing the blocked drain. Through the inspection, the drain jetter can easily assess how to clear the discovered blockage.

Why is CCTV drain inspection the best method?

CCTV drain Inspection certainly guarantees an absolute solution for drainage problems. It is the best method to clear the clogged drainage. The reason why this method is most recommended because it provides a footage of the clog helping the drainage engineer to conveniently clean the drainage system.

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