On Smelly Drains and Sewage Smells

Are the smelly drains in your home running your day?

One whiff of a smelly drain can make the strongest of us go weak and for all the wrong reasons! The awful stench makes the toilet smell like sewage. While a smelly sink drain in the kitchen makes the idea of cooking there unappetizing.

Eventually breathing in a house with smelly drains becomes a problem and you consider evacuation. Since no amount of room fresheners or scented candles can down the powerful odour of a smelly drain.

Why does the house smell?

The most common reason for smelly drains is a blocked drain. The drains get blocked from the organic waste that accumulates down the drainage pipe.

The two common sources of smelly drains are:

Kitchen sinks can’t digest the food you feed them. The kitchen sink drain smells bad because of the leftover residue from your dirty dishes has started to rot. This is why you need to make sure that crumbs, seeds, greasy scraps of your dinner are all thrown in the trash before your plates hit the sink.

One way to solve a drainage block is to pour some hot water down the drain. You can also add bleach or vinegar in the water. If the problem persists then you need to call an expert.

Bad smell in the bathroom
smelly drains in the house

Untangle your mess to stop the bad smell in the bathroom.

The toilet smells like sewage because of the toilet paper, soap suds, hair and sanitary waste that has blocked the pipes.  You need to regularly unblock the bathroom sinks by taking out any visible hair or grime from the pipes.

Use a plunger to stop the sewage smell from the toilet.

Why should you call in a drainage expert?

Most of the times, DIYs have no effect on a smelly drain because you just aren’t able to reach the root of the problem.  In these cases, it is more sensible to leave the matter in the hands of a professional like those at Greenday Environmental! Our odor detection services are efficient as they use smoke detectors and CCTV drain surveys to completely scour your pipes to catch the smelly culprits. The problem with smelly drains is that they are just the beginning of a long list of additional drainage problems. This is why as soon as you smell those dirty pipes; get in touch with the experts right away.


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