We have two different models available. If you don’t see the size you need, we can make the Rat flap or rat blockers to order to any size. Get in touch today: info@greenday.ie. If you want to discuss the product please give us a call:  24/7 Freephone 1800 222 332

Product Size:

Size:  4 Inch(100m)

Size:  6 Inch (150m)

The Ratflap or rat blockers  is a uniquely designed solution to rat problems in sewers and drains. Scroll through the images to see how it works. Click here

Rat blockers
Rat blockers & Rat flaps for drains

Installation of the rat flap - Click here

With the Ratflap or rat blockers installed into the pipe, waste is free to move in the normal manner through the device, while at the same time preventing rats from gaining entry to your property

Rat Flap - Rat Control
Rat flap dublin