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Complete Drainage Maintenance Tips for Summer 2023 in Ireland

As the weather gets warm and sunny, you may have already started planning for all the fun with friends and family. But while you enjoy barbeques and cookouts, don’t miss out on drain maintenance, as failure to do so can have serious consequences. failure to do so can have serious consequences.

Here’s a complete drainage maintenance guide for summer 2023 in Ireland. With these summer maintenance tips, you won’t have to compromise on your fun plans with loved ones. And you can enjoy the best time of the year while saving time, money, and inconvenience.

Drainage Maintenance Tips for Summer 2023

Beware of Your Waste

For many individuals, summer is the time of high traffic at home. As the school break starts, you can expect most family members, especially kids, to be at home all day. Moreover, it’s also the season of outdoor cooking and firing up the barbeque to have loved ones over for food and drinks.
However, while all of this is happening at your home, don’t forget about the waste that goes down the drain.
Ensure your guests and kids don’t throw anything in the toilet that could clog it. Moreover, ensure that all the food leftover is properly disposed of in the bin and doesn’t go down the drain as it can clog the drain.

Be Vigilant While Showering

As the weather gets hot in Ireland, you may find yourself and most of your family taking frequent showers. After all, that’s all you need to beat the scorching summer heat and sweat.
However, right when you step in your shower, make sure you cover the plughole. It ensures that your hair doesn’t make its way down the drain. Remember, hair combined with shampoo and natural oils from the hair and body is one of the leading causes of clogged drains.
With a simple measure of covering the plughole, you can save yourself from a lot of inconveniences this summer.

Be Proactive With Drain Maintenance

Most homeowners are unable to see what’s going on with their drains on their own. They only get to know about the problem once the drains clog.
Even if you’re very careful about what goes down the drain, it’s still best to be proactive with drain maintenance. As the summer months are approaching and you know that your drains will be overworked, now is the right time to schedule drain maintenance.
By choosing a reliable service provider for drainage maintenance, you can ensure that your drains are clean and ready for work during the summer months. Moreover, it also helps identify and fix any potential problems with your drain even before they develop into more serious concerns.

Find Out More about Summer Drainage Maintenance in 2023

Summer is the ideal time for fun with loved ones. But it’s also the best time to schedule drainage maintenance. With no heavy snow or rain, it’s the perfect time of year to access your drains and repair and maintain them as required without any delays. 

To find out more about drain repair and maintenance, connect with us today at 1800-222-332 or and make the most of your favourite season.