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Importance of Drain Survey In Ireland

Is your drainage system having a blockage?

Today, drain inspections and surveys are conducted through CCTV methods. That’s because it is the most effective solution to determine what went wrong with the drain or what caused the blockage. This article will help you understand how a CCTV drainage survey works and why Irish homeowners should consider it.

What Is a Drain Survey?

A drain survey is a procedure carried out to inspect the condition of a drain system and identify the root cause of an existing issue. This way, drainage engineers or plumbers can choose the best approach to address it.

Thanks to modern technological growth, drain survey has become more sophisticated and advanced than before. In addition, it is faster, safer, and most importantly, cost-friendly.

The techniques and equipment used for a CCTV drain survey are flexible – you can also use it to check out your above-ground pipes, such as ducting systems, storage tanks, soil stacks, downpipes, and vertical chutes.

What Are Drainage Systems Used for?

The main advantages of a drainage survey are the following:

Benefits of Drain Survey

These surveys include feeding a cable with a camera down through your drains and pipes. It surveys your drainage system and sends images to a monitor, so the plumber can see what went wrong and make the required preparations. This type of survey has several benefits, including the following:

1. Discover Real-Time Threats Quickly

A functional drain is rarely appreciated. It is only when it develops an issue that you realize how crucial it is to your home. Once your drainage system faces a problem, you will want it to be fixed as soon as possible. Therefore, CCTV survey is vital here because it speeds up the process. More importantly, it prevents inconvenient and costly digging and dismantling performed by inexperienced and outdated plumbers.

Thanks to a CCTV drain survey, all you need to is a drain inspection camera and let it enter your drain pipes. It will do the remaining work and show pictures and footage that identify real-time threats.

2. Get a Better Diagnosis

Speed is an important variable in this diagnosis. Since the analysis is done quickly, it allows professionals to determine the issue in no time. Now, they can devise a customized solution to solve this exact issue, rather than making guesses based on limited evidence – a practice that was quite common in the pre-CCTV drain survey days. That’s why if you had a traditional drain survey that didn’t use a CCTV camera or other modern camera technology, then you should consider opting for the modern way to assess drains.

For instance, a CCTV camera will quickly show whether your current blockage is caused by tree roots, a build-up of fat in the pipes, or something else. With the cause of the issue clear, the plumber now knows what to do next.

3. Minimize the Disruption

The alternative to utilizing a CCTV survey to identify issues is a large excavation. This approach involves a large amount of disruptive digging that makes plenty of noise, blocks access, and creates a disturbance to normality.

On the other hand, in a CCTV survey, the camera does all the work in identifying the issue. Therefore, once the issue is determined, experts only focus on that specific component of the drain, limiting disruption.

4. Saves Money

One of the biggest benefits of using a CCTV drain survey is that it can be more cost-effective than traditional approaches of identification and diagnosis. A few years ago, certain problems were too complex to be diagnosed without a camera, requiring experts to make multiple visits to discover the root cause of the issue. There was also the possibility of coming up with an irrelevant and ineffective solution to the blockage. You can use a CCTV-based approach to get an accurate diagnosis on the first visit, eliminating the need for further visits and saving money for all the involved parties.

5. Wise Approach for Those Moving House

Moving to a new house is a major life step. You will want to make sure that you don’t face any future headaches that cost an arm and leg further down the line. A house buyers drain survey can be used to perform an assessment of the drains of a property pre-purchase and plot the conditions and locations of drains.

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