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How Buying A Saniflo Toilet Saves You  Money in Ireland?

Installation of a conventional toilet can be a huge hassle. It’s not just a very time-consuming process, but it’s also quite expensive. There’s a lot of labor that goes into installing a conventional toilet. You can expect a lot of rubble and dirt during the process as well.

If you want to get a new toilet installed, but you don’t want to go through the hassle that installing a conventional toilet is known to be associated with, we would suggest you opt for the Saniflo toilet. It’s ideal for places where the underground drainage system isn’t very well-developed or, worse, doesn’t exist at all. 

Buying a Saniflo toilet in Ireland can save you plenty of bucks. You may want to know how but before that, let’s first go through what exactly a Saniflo toilet is and how it differs from the regular toilets.

What is a Saniflo Toilet?

Saniflo toilet is the latest innovation that’ll change the way your toilet works. It doesn’t flush your waste through the drainage pipes under the ground. Instead, it flushes the waste upwards, out of the toilet, and directly into the general waste lines.

That’s not all there is to it. Before the waste is flushed out in the general drainage system, it is first macerated and turned into a liquid. The liquid waste is then flushed against the gravity using a centrifugal pump. The installation is quick, hassle-free, cheap, and almost minimal maintenance.

Save Money with Saniflo Toilet

Let’s look at how the Saniflo toilet can help you save money in detail below:

Cheap Installation

When you get a conventional toilet installed, your bathroom floors are uprooted, and the walls are broken for installing the pipes. The installation is a tedious and extensively laborious job. However, that’s not the case with the Saniflo toilets.

These toilets feature an above-ground pump that does the actual work of macerating the waste and pumping it through the mainline. The floors and the walls don’t have to be damaged for the installation of pipes. This makes the installation of these toilets much cheaper. Not only is the installation cheap, but Saniflo price in Ireland is also pretty reasonable. 

No Maintenance

Another way you can save thousands with the Saniflo toilet is in maintenance. Unlike the regular toilets, the Saniflo toilets are extremely low maintenance. The blades break down the waste into small, manageable size, convert it into liquid form and pump it out of your toilet. It’s then refilled with water that leaves the toilet looking as clean as it was never used. This saves you money on Saniflo cleaning and Saniflo service to keep your toilet looking neat and tidy.

No Need to Install Underground Sewage System

If you live somewhere where the underground drainage system isn’t developed at all, the Saniflo toilet is your best bet. You don’t have to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on installing a drainage system. Instead, you can install a Saniflo toilet and have all the waste directed to the main sewage system without having to install extensive drainage pipelines.

The idea of having a toilet that macerates your waste and pumps it out of your toilet directly into the main drainage system might overwhelm you right now but trust us when we say it’s the best option for you if you can’t deal with the mess that installation of a conventional toilet comes with!