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How Does the CCTV Drain Survey Process Work And What Technology Do We Use?

How Does the CCTV Drain Survey Process Work And What Technology Do We Use?

Drainage problems can be incredibly frustrating, especially if they have an unknown root cause. It’s possible that you’ve previously tried using conventional techniques to solve your drain problems without success. Not all drain problems can be quickly identified and fixed. If the problem continues, perhaps it is time for a CCTV drain survey.

A CCTV drain survey is an effective diagnostic tool to identify drain problems and has numerous applications. We use state-of-the-art CCTV drain survey technology, Itouch, to inspect and report solutions for poorly maintained drainage systems, including homeowners, tenants, landlords, and property developers.

We use Itouch, a new generation of drain and pipeline inspection and reporting solutions for drain camera inspection. Itouch for drain camera survey has been greatly enhanced and streamlined by the introduction of cutting-edge technologies, such as live video analysis, 360° visuals, remote-controlled crawler units, push-rod cameras, and HD digital cameras.

CCTV Drain Survey Process

All pipe sizes are subject to quality inspections as part of a CCTV survey. CCTV drain survey is your best bet, whether you’re doing the drain cleaning yourself or have hired a pro to handle the situation. A small CCTV drain camera is placed in the drainpipes during the inspection process. The entire drainage system is then traversed by the object. It captures the footage so you can see the drainpipes and determine the problem. 

Robotic camera systems that are operated remotely from the CCTV unit are used to conduct these surveys. The operator can evaluate the state of the pipe from a position inside the CCTV device and point out any flaws in the line.

You may connect the CCTV drain camera and an LCD display using Bluetooth technology so that you can view the camera’s live feed. It not only enables you to pinpoint the precise position of the issue’s fundamental cause, but also its identification. It is capable of accurately diagnosing a pipe issue.

Tools for CCTV Drain Survey Inspection

Waterproof Modern Cameras

These cameras function in confined locations and near moving water. Engineers can see clearly into your drains, including places that are otherwise difficult to see.

Access Rods

These are used to push the cameras along your drainage system, enabling them to manoeuvre around curves and corners. They are quite flexible.

CCTV Drain Survey Process & technology

Used to allow quick visual access to sewer systems, remote-operated crawlers offer exceptional mobility even in clogged pipes.

Sonar Units

Sonar surveys, which provide acoustic profiling to obtain insight into the state of the pipe where visual access is obstructed, are only used for filled pipelines.

CCTV Drain Surveys

In order to assist clients in maintaining the condition of their drains and resolving any issues they may be experiencing, we offer CCTV drain surveys. If necessary, our expert engineers may conduct surveys on a planned or emergency basis, guaranteeing quality service catered to your requirements. Contact us right away to set up a CCTV drain survey for your property.