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How Much Should You Pay for Drain Cleaning in Dublin?

Blocked pipes and blocked drains can become a major problem in expanding urban communities. You can face the problem anywhere; at your home or at the workplace.

The problem generally occurs due to rough use of the drain and sinks. For instance, trying to flush plastic bottles in the toilet or disposing of grainy leftovers such as rice in the kitchen sink would cause it to block immediately. It can also result due to neglect in pipe maintenance.

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Drain Maintenance and Drain Cleaning Price

Improper maintenance of the sinks and drainage system can also lead to pipe blockage. In the long run, it is more cost-effective to keep your pipes clear through good and timely drain cleaning and drain maintenance.

If you suspect that the drain pipes are becoming blocked, you can call for a drain cleaning Dublin company to get the problem checked before it gets worse.

Drain cleaning typically costs anywhere between €100 and €150 per hour plus vat

Drain Survey

If you have a recurring drain blockage and you’re not quite sure what the problem is, then you need a drain survey. The survey involves running a CCTV-attached camera through the drain pipes to see what’s blocking the water flow. The process isn’t that difficult. If you hire a good, professional service, they can get the survey done for your entire domestic property in less than two hours.

The drain survey typically costs anywhere between €100 and €150 per hour. Normally survey will be completed within 1 to 2 hours.

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Signs of Blocked Drains

Some common signs of blocked drains include the following.

Slow Draining

In most cases, the flow of water through the drain is faster than the water pressure coming out of your taps. If the water flowing through your sink or shower drain becomes slower than usual, it is a clear sign of blocked drains.

If you start seeing water build-up in your sink or shower, then you should look into calling a drain unblocking service. Depending on the situation the technician will use a variety of sewer cleaning techniques like rodding or high-pressure water jetting.

Strange Odors

Another sign that you require sewer cleaning is if you start smelling strange, nasty odors coming from your drain pipes. This usually happens in case of blocked drains. Unpleasant odors are usually the first sign of trouble and you should immediately take action to stop the problem from getting out of hand.

Weird Sounds and Leaks

If you hear strange, choking sounds come from the drain pipe when water goes down, it can be another sign that your sewers need cleaning. If you hear the sounds come from visible pipes that are outside or see leakage next to the pipe, it means that you probably have a broken pipe that needs fixing.

Sewer Cleaning and Drain Unblocking in Dublin

Sewer cleaning and drain unblocking companies usually charge hourly rates for their service. The charges for drain cleaning in Dublin generally start from €100 and can go up to €150 per hour + Vat. The cost usually depends on how bad of a problem you have, time of the day, and service quality of the company.

Most types of residential and commercial drain cleaning jobs will complete in one hour, so you will only need to pay for the first hour. If the work is expected to go into the second hour, the cleaning technician will inform the customer in advance.