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Who is Responsible for Blocked Drains in Ireland?

Who is Responsible for Blocked Drains in Ireland ?

Why Do Drains Get Blocked?

As mentioned before, there are several reasons drains can get blocked, damaged, or broken. In fact, many times, there’s no single reason behind a blocked drain; instead, a combination of multiple factors can result in this mishap. In some cases, blocked drains also occur due to general wear and tear from having the same drain for several years.

Either way, you must contact drain clearance professionals immediately when your drain gets blocked so that they can keep the situation from getting possibly worse. Moreover, having a clear idea about the factors that can cause drain blockages can also help you take preventative measures to keep them from getting blocked in the future. That said, some of the most common causes of blocked drains our professionals at Greenday  tackle with regularly include:

Grease and Fat

Fat and grease build-up in kitchen sinks is a leading cause of drain blockage. Fatty substances, such as cooking grease and fat, are known for their sticky properties. When washed down a sink, these substances can automatically stick to the inside of the pipes, slowly clogging the drains to the point that no liquids can pass through. To prevent this, you need to constantly watch the liquids you choose to pour down the drain.


Hair may seem like the least likely item to cause any major drain blockages, given its delicate nature. However, the truth is that your hair strands build up in the bath or shower over the time course of multiple months, eventually stopping water from passing through it altogether and creating a massive problem for homeowners. Those with a lot of hair are likelier to suffer at the hands of drainage blockage as their hair can get caught on other debris within the drain, getting tangled up and causing a clog.

Leaves and Debris

Garden maintenance or lack thereof can hugely impact your drainage system as well. Falling leaves and other plant debris is one of the leading causes of block guttering drains, which is typically experienced seasonally. However, windy days can also blow leaves into your drain, and failure to conduct thorough maintenance of your garden can also have a similar impact.


Toilet paper, baby items, and sanitary pads are other objects that are commonly known for causing drain blockages. While toilet paper is designed to be flushed down, flushing copious amounts of toilet paper at the same time can cause an obstruction in the pipeline and block the drain.

Similarly, hygiene items such as sanitary pads and tampons and baby items, such as nappies and wipes, are not meant to be flushed the drain. With a stronger construction than toilet paper, these items don’t have the capacity to disperse underwater, leading to a considerably higher chance for the material to snag on obstacles in the drain pipes, causing a blockage.

Moreover, these baby and adult hygiene products are designed to have high water retention and increase in size as they hold on to more and more water. Therefore, they will expand to their optimal size once they are completely submerged, making it even more difficult to fit down drain pipes.

How Does Drain Clearance and Repair Work?

Many methods and tools can be used to successfully tackle drain clearance or repair. However, it all boils down to the specific problem you’re facing.

Luckily, when you hire drainage cleaning professionals, you don’t have to worry about the “how.” Greenday drainage service has a team of experienced drain cleaning and repair professionals that use top-of-the-line equipment to get to the bottom of any drain blockage.

Who is Responsible for Blocked Drains in Dublin?

In most cases of blocked drains in private drains in Ireland is the responsibility of house holder. A major reason behind this is that the repair and maintenance of a drain mostly fall inside personal property boundaries, making the homeowner liable to repair or unclog their own private drain system.

If, in case, the shared drains that you share with your neighbours are blocked, it is a matter to be resolved by the residents that are served by it.

Greenday is here for you!

Drain clearance or repair isn’t free. So, if you have any blocked private drains in need of restoration or repair, we’re here for you! Our team of experienced drain repair experts can fix your drain blockage in Dublin in a timely manner and at a fair rate. Call our office on 1800 222 332 for more information.