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3 Steps to overcome basement drain backup nuisance!

Did you walk into your basement one fine day, only to be welcomed by water—sewerage water!

Wondering what may have caused your basement drain backups?

Here are some reasons why your sewerage water may have crept out of the drains and into your basements!

Drain repair: What to do?

When the basement drain backs up—one of the essential things to do first is find out where the problem occurs. In most cases, it is due to the weak foundation of the house that allows for leaks to take place from holes and cracks.

This does not mean your homes are built with inferior quality material as houses built with premium components can also be victim to leaks. Whether it’s raised sewerage levels due to storm/rain water, or unsatisfactory soil drainage—can all create a leak in the basement.

Additionally, unnoticed mould and cracks exhibited on the walls and moist areas in your basements can also cause foundation leaks. Drain and sewer cleaning can help repair these problems by fixing downspouts, gutter lines, and any other problem that can potentially cause water to sweep through your basements/homes.  

Drain cleaning: Fix it

After evaluating the core and potential problems that can cause basement drain backups, it’s time to fix the problem. One way to perform drain repair is through using liquid drain cleaners that are produced with active, enzyme based components that can perform efficient drain and sewer cleaning. Most expert drain cleaners recommend pouring a large portion of the liquid into the drain overnight for best results.

Drain cleaners: An alternative

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Often times, basement drain cleaners (liquid) may fail. Look out for plumbers/drain cleaner’s water jetting in your basements. This process is effective, quick, easy and usually affordable to help combat basement drain problems and keep your drainage line running smoothly in the long run.  

You can also consider installing a backwater valve if your sewage draining issues are recurring. Backwater valves are generally used in basements where drain backups occur and laundry machines. However, to assess whether backwater valves are good for your drain and sewerage positions—consult professional drain cleaners or plumbers.

Follow aforementioned steps to overcome drain backups in your basement. Don’t wait for tomorrow, get your living spaces evaluated today for moulds and cracks to avoid costly repairs in future!