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Blocked Drains: Common Causes and How to Troubleshoot Them

A blocked drain is one of the most repulsive challenges that homeowners frequently deal with. If the drainage system in your house is old, you may experience this issue every now and then. But you may also end up facing this problem with your own carelessness.

The drainage pipes in houses can get blocked due to a variety of reasons. Here’s how you can deal with them:

Inefficient Drain Pipe Installation

If drain pipes aren’t installed in an inefficient way, they are likely to get clogged every now and then. Moreover, the pipes would become vulnerable and can easily break.

While you may be tempted to save costs through a DIY project, don’t forget that it may lead to drain blockage down the road. So, always hire a licensed, professional drain plumber or drainage engineers to install drain pipes.

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Debris Accumulation

Flushing down debris in toilets increases the risk of clogging. If you flush down items that don’t break down in water such as dental floss, diaper wipes, cotton swabs, and feminine hygiene products, then be ready to deal with blocked drains.

If the debris is visible, you can remove it with gloved hands. Otherwise, use a plunger to force it down. However, if nothing works, get in touch with a professional drain cleaning specialist. They will resolve the problem with the help of water jetting.

Grease and Oil

If the drain pipes of your kitchen sink are blocked, it may indicate grease and fat build-ups. The fatty substances stick to the insides of pipes and block the flow of water. You can use a vinegar solution to get rid of grease and oil.

While it’s not easy to eliminate grease and oil build-ups, you can prevent them in the first place. For this purpose, refrain from washing fatty ingredients down the drain. Instead, put them in a small container and throw it in the trash bin. Also, contact an emergency drain unblocker service for drain cleaning Dublin.

Tree Roots

The roots of trees grow underneath the ground in search of water. They are strong enough to damage drain pipes and can block the water flow.

In order to prevent this issue, water your plants on a regular basis so the roots don’t head to the underground drain pipes for survival.

Blocked drains give off a nasty smell and affect the indoor air quality. It also spreads diseases and causes discomfort. Get in touch with a drain specialist today to clear drain pipes.