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Drain Cleaning: Do’s and Don’ts

Drain Cleaning: Do’s and Don’ts

Blocked drains is an inevitable problem that every homeowner hates. Since the drainage system works 24/7 to direct the dirty water out of your home, it can get damaged over time if you overlook the maintenance of drain pipes.

Many people try to repair the drainage system on their own either to save costs or get the satisfaction of carrying out a DIY project. However, due to the lack of knowledge, they end up permanently damaging pipes and spend a huge sum on replacing them.

If you don’t want to bear losses, you should keep the following practical tips in mind:

Do’s of Drain Cleaning

A drain strainer prevents drain clogs by straining solid debris. A kitchen sink strainer makes sure that food particles don’t block water pipes, while strainers in bathrooms keep hair and debris from clogging drain pipes. It keeps the drain system running and makes cleaning easier for you.

It’s recommended to run some hot water down the drain. Try this on a regular basis, particularly when a clog starts to take place. While it’s not a permanent solution to your drainage problems, it can get rid of food chunks and prevent drain clogs.

Many people try cleaning drain pipes without professional help, but it’s not a good idea. You should rather get in touch with a drainage service for this purpose. They can address the blocked drain problem and unblock drainage pipes to eliminate the nasty smell.

Drain Cleaning Don’ts

If you throw leftover food or oily food items down the drain, then you’re likely to come across the drainage problem sooner or later.

Drain pipes get blocked due to small food chunks, oil, and grease. So, before you wash dishes in the kitchen sink, throw away leftover food in the trash bin. Collect oil or grease stuck to the dishes in a box and throw it away.

Despite knowing the harmful impacts of chemical products on the environment, many people still prefer using chemical products to clean drainage pipes. However, don’t forget that harsh chemicals not only negatively affect your health, but they also damage plumbing pipes.

Refrain from treating the toilet as your trash can. While the drainage system can withstand a small amount of flushable wipes, throwing a lot of stuff will only lead to drain clogs.

Never drain toilet papers, paper towels, band-aids, and cotton balls in the toilet. The waste in drain pipes adds up and leads to drain blockage.

You must have heard it from DIY enthusiasts that you can clear drain pipes by putting vinegar solution down the drain. It can temporarily resolve the problem, but it damages pipes. So, don’t believe everything you hear and avoid using vinegar for cleaning drains.

Don’t hesitate in calling a drain cleaning service like Greenday Environmental, if your drain pipes are blocked or giving off a nasty smell. The professional team can address the problem without hassles.