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What is Drain Inspection Survey?

What’s that nasty smell in your kitchen?

Why is the water not running away through the drainage, like it should?

These questions are likely to arise when your drainage system is out of order. If you are living in a house for long, your drainage system may have experienced blockage due to clogged debris, fallen tree roots, stagnant water, etc. Whatever the case might be, to ensure the healthiness of your pipes, a drain inspection survey is an answer.  

Drain inspection survey?—What is that!

It’s not as filthy, as it sounds!

In the modern world, it is commonly known as the CCTV pipeline inspection or drain survey. The purpose is simple—an inspection of your home’s drainage pipes, in order to see if there are, or will be any potential problems. If you are planning to move to a new house, we recommend you get the drainage system checked so as to save you some serious money in the future.  

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CCTV Drain Surveys

CCTV drain surveys use modern technology to explore faulty pipes and sewers by sending a camera in the core area of the blockage.  A locator is sent along with the camera that records the problem area.  The images received by professionals help in identifying reliable and consistent information that helps in giving recommendations for a better job.

Blockage inspection is not the only purpose of the CCTV inspection survey; they are fundamental in the maintenance services as well as in the decision to invest in a property.  

The task is certainly not on the to-do list of the house owners. So, we recommend you contact a specialist or a professional and schedule a drainage inspection survey on the hidden drainage areas of the house to unblock the drain. A drain survey would cost you from as low as €100, bringing you peace of mind and saving potential cost due to drainage issues.

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Drain Inspection Survey