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How to Eliminate Drain Smells From Your House

A rotten egg-like smell from drains can ruin the indoor environment, even if your house is sparkling clean. In order to keep the air fresh, you should acquire professional services to get rid of the drain odor problems.

Drain smells can appear due to the following reasons:

How to Detect and Resolve the Problem

There are several ways to effectively eliminate the unpleasant drain smell from your home, but before you do for them, you need to identify the root cause of the problem.

It’s best to hire professionals for this purpose. With the help of modern tools and techniques, it won’t take them long to identify what’s going wrong.

Drain Survey

If your home smell like sewage, it’s likely that the drainage system isn’t working at its best. Check the drain pipes of the kitchen sink, shower room and toilets to locate the problem. If you acquire the services of professionals, they will use CCTV drain cameras to check each drain pipe.

The advanced CCTV drain cameras enable the professionals to effectively inspect any type of drain. The high-quality video footage helps them identify current problems as well as any potential problems that may appear down the road.

With the CCTV camera inspection, it’s feasible to identify the drainage problems within a brief time. The professionals will develop the inspection reports to estimate the repair costs and suggest the most suitable methods to get rid of the sewer smell.

Smoke Test

Low-quality drain pipes are prone to leakage and breakage. Moreover, improper connection of drain pipes can also lead to a strong odour. Professional drain cleaners can effectively identify these problems using smoke testing.

An odorless and non-toxic gas is released into the drain pipes to detect whether the pipes are properly joined or if the pipes are leaking. It’s a safe and cost-effective way to identify and resolve the drainage problems.

As compared to other technique, smoke testing is more efficient and cost-effective. It helps you quickly address the drain smell problems and clear off the smell to improve the indoor air quality.

Many people prefer a DIY method to clear blocked drains and get rid of the drain smell. But it’s not a safe option for you. The use of chemicals is harmful to your environment as well as it can damage the drain pipes. So, contact a professional drain cleaning service if the drains smell bad.