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Oil Spill Cleanup – A Basic Guide To rapid Response Remediation

The oil spill is a potential danger to the environment and human health. In case of a spill, effective oil spill response services in Ireland are crucial for containing the situation and mitigating any health hazard to people and the environment. People know how dangerous it is to tackle such situation on their own and therefore it is essential that they contact an oil spill cleanup company to clear the spill immediately.

Each spill is of a different kind. Though some are easy to clean, under no circumstances should you hose them or use any kind of detergent to clean them. The oil can easily spread and cause more pollution. In the meantime, as the help is arriving, you can use special absorbent cloths to contain the spill. The oil spill is extremely dangerous and hence, once it occurs, your best approach to control and contain this situation is to call for an oil spill cleanup.

Oil Spill Cleanup – A Basic Guide To rapid Response Remediation

Types of Oil Spills

Oil Spill Response Procedure

  1. The first priority is to find the source of the oil spill and make sure that in no way will it ignite
  2. If the oil spill is in water then a foss-boom i.e. a floating barrier is used to contain the spill. If the spill is on land, trenches and berms are used instead.
  3. Any of the following methods is used to scoop up the oil:
  1. The spill is collected in containers and is disposed of in a legal manner
  2. A full report is provided to you on how and by what method the spill was cleaned
  3. It is important to call an oil spill response team if you see any oil spills near or on your land. These companies use experienced professionals who know how to handle these kinds of situations. Even though it is dangerous to clean the spill yourself, you can at least try to stop the spill with floating booms until help arrives. It’s better to be safe than sorry.