Drain smell in the bathroom is similar to a distinct sewage smell that does not go away no matter how much you clean the toilet or run the fan. It can be caused by a variety of problems in the drain system and isn’t necessarily the result of a blockage.

Smelly Bathroom Drain - Shower Drain Smells

Greenday offers complete odour detection services in Dublin. Our professionals are trained to find and eliminate that nasty sewage smell in your bathroom shower drain and kitchen. No one likes it if their kitchen sink smells like sewage and we are here to help!

Drain Smoke Test

Sewage smell in the kitchen or bathroom is often caused due to broken pipes or smelly drains. Our professionals use smoke tests or smoke bomb for sewer gas to track the source of lingering smells that don’t go away on their own.

The smoke test involves pumping non-toxic smoke into the drain system and following it through the piping to see if the smoke comes out from anywhere apart from the drain. It is a simple but effective method for detecting broken seals, bad connection or cracks in the pipes.

These cracks allow sewage waste to seep into the ground which could be the cause of the sewage smell in the house.

A smoke test can even detect a hairline crack and very small leakage in the piping would be impossible to detect with such a test. All our professionals come trained and equipped with the tools and skills required to run a smoke test.

Odour Detection Survey

An odour survey is carried out to detect the source of the bad smell in the bathroom, sewage smell in house and kitchen. This involves looking at the piping, sinks, toilets and drain in detail to find out the cause of the smell.

Generally, bad drain smell is caused by the following.

  • Sewer Smells – The sewer that runs underground creates sewer gases like methane and ammonia due to natural decomposition. These gases can rise up through empty drain traps and create the sewage smell from your toilet or kitchen sink.
  • Water Leakages – The water supply to your home includes sulphates that are used to purify water. The sulphates can react with the sulphates present in your water heater and cause a rotten egg smell.
  • Pipe Blockage – Blockages in the drain pipes are a common cause of bad drain smell. If your toilet smells like sewage, it could be due to blocked pipes. If left unresolved, the blocked pipes can become completely clogged. Blocked pipes are identified by a slow drain of water.
  • Clogs and Bacteria – Food, grease, hair and other waste contain bacteria. These bacteria can accumulate in the pipes, especially when the pipes are clogged. If you detect a smell from shower drain, then it is a good idea to get it checked for clogs.
  • Mould Formation – Mould or mildew forms inside the pipes when there is a leak and water remains standing for a while. The mould can generate a stinking odour that you can smell even from behind a wall.
  • Plumbing Issues – Sewer smell can also be caused due to incorrect plumbing fixtures. Incorrect traps or vent can quickly accumulate mould or bacteria and cause a pungent sewage smell in bathroom.

Trained Professionals

The odours in your bathroom or kitchen can come from different sources both inside and outside the home. This is you need professionals who are trained to perform a thorough drain survey and cleaning. If you notice a smell from toilet but it is not blocked, then you should get it checked by our professionals to identify and remove the source of the odour.

Our technicians are trained and possess many years of experience in the proper removal of odours and fixing plumbing issues. We tackle the problem at its source and remove the odour permanently. Masking it or using other short cuts just won’t do if your odour problem is serious or persistent.

We provide a complete drain smell detection and removal service in Dublin. We have performed sewage smell removal for hundreds of homes, offices and commercial stores. We guarantee to get that smell out of your bathroom and kitchen for good.

If you are experiencing bad drain smell in your home that just won’t go away then please get in touch with us,

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