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Smoke Test To Detect Drain Problems. Over 30 Year's Industry Experience

Are you looking for a plumbing smoke test service for drains and sewers? Then contact us today. Request a call back by filling the form below. Our experts will take care of all your plumbing and drainage needs! Our smoke test for drains & sewers helps to find the source of the smell, locate defects in drains & sewers, identify rodent & insect entry points, sewer leaks.

Smelly drains, rodent problems, drainage leaks are some of the most common plumbing/drainage concerns for homeowners. However, that does not mean you can let it go untreated. Finding the source of the smell is important to make sure your drains stay in the top-notch condition and to keep harmful gases from entering your house. Plus, nothing ruins the ambience of a place like a lingering sewer smell, rodent problems, which makes it essential to tackle the problem right away. The good news is that there is a simple way to identify the source of the odour, rodent entry points etc -- a smoke test for drains.

Plumbing Smoke Test Explained

Smoke testing is a simple technique that is used in plumbing maintenance to identify problems with the drainage system, such as blockages, cracks, leaks, etc. Smoke tests for drains are also employed for odour detection. It is an extremely reliable and accurate testing mechanism, especially when it comes to detecting pipe damage. It detects damage that usually goes unnoticed in CCTV drain survey, ensuring swift and better plumbing maintenance.

So, whether you have smelly drains, notice sewer smell in the bathroom or kitchen, have installed new plumbing, or want to find faults in the existing plumbing system, a smoke test is a go-to solution for your problems. It is best to call in the professionals to perform the smoke test for you.

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How to Perform Smoke Test for Drains and Sewers

Smoke can travel in the sewer system. Anywhere an odour can go, the smoke will go to, revealing the source of the odour in just a few minutes. Scroll down to take a look at how we perform smoke tests for drains and sewers to eliminate the lingering odour from your home for good.

Sewer line smoke test - 7 steps

Step 1 – Open Manholes

The first thing you need to do is identify the lines of the drainage system that flow away waste from your house. This is quite helpful as testing one line at a time can simplify the smoke test. Open the manholes at either ends of the section of the sewer that you want to test. This will allow the smoke to flow up through the drains.

Step 2 – Block the Lines

Your work is not done! Once you have identified the section of the sewer you want to test, you must prep for the smoke test by blocking other lines. The best way to do that is to use sandbags and covers to block the entrance of the lines that you are not testing. If the other lines are not blocked properly, the smoke will seep into them and may not reach the manholes you opened, leading to false or inaccurate results. Therefore, make sure you block all the lines completely for the best results.

Step 3 – Position the Smoke Blower Correctly

This step is crucial to force the smoke through the sewer section you are testing. Place the smoke blower right over the open manhole at any end of the line. Position it in a way that ensures that the smoke will be blown down into the manhole and sewer lines. Turn on the smoke blower.

Step 4 – Light the Smoke Pellets

Light up your smoke pellets. It is advisable to read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to light and use the smoke pellets. Place the smoke pellets in the holder on the top of the blower. If the blower does not have a holder, you can also place the pellet on the grate beneath. The blower will work to create a difference in the air pressure, which will force the smoke into the drain.

Step 5 – Search for Smoke Plumes in the Surrounding Area

The next step in the smoke test for drains is to search the surrounding area for smoke plumes. Ideally, the plumes should appear only around the plumbing vents or around the manhole. These plumes identify that the plumbing vents are performing their intended purpose.
Ignore these smoke plumes and continue to search the area. If you locate plumes coming out from anyplace, consider them as a sign of trouble. These plumes may indicate a cracked pipe or an illegal connection. Mark the plume for fixing.

Step 6 – Search for Smoke Plumes inside the House

Once you have marked all the smoke plumes outside, head inside the house to look for plumes. If you think the sewer smell is coming from the kitchen sink or there is a sewer smell in the bathroom, then you are likely to find smoke plumes inside the residence.
Smoke entering the house indicates defected plumbing or dry traps in the sink. The piping of the sink includes a U-bend that contains a trap of water. The water trap is intended to keep the sewer gases and odours from entering the house. A broken or dried up water trap may be causing odour problems in your house.

Step 7 – Repeat the sewer smoke test

At this point, you will have successfully identified the source of smell from the drains. Now, it’s time to call in professional help to check out the plume sites and fix the defects. Once all the defects have been fixed, the sewer smell in the bathroom and sewer smell from the kitchen sink should disappear. Regardless, repeat the smoke test to make sure you fixed everything.

The Bottom Line
Smoke test for drains and sewer lines is a simple, effective, and inexpensive method to identify maintenance problems and tackle odour problems in your house. It is important to understand that maintenance and odour problems are not only annoying, but they may also be harmful to your health.
Contaminated water may seep through the leaks or cracks in the sewage line. On the other hand, toxic gases from the sewer may enter the house along with the odour. Therefore, if you are having sewage or odour problems in your house, make sure you take swift action, call in the professionals, and use a smoke test to get rid of the smell from drains.