Blocked Drain

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Blocked drains are not only a source of unbearable odour and gurgling sounds in your kitchen sink or toilet, but they also release dangerous bacteria and pollutants into your indoor environment. The truth is that blocked drains directly target your health, as well as weaken the foundation of your home, especially if the blockage causes seepage in the underground pipes.

You need to unblock drains as soon as you notice that the water is draining slower than usual. The more you delay calling a drain cleaning Dublin service, the more inconvenience these blocked drains can bring. To prevent this nuisance, let’s first understand that why drains are blocked in the first place.

Natural Debris

Debris of trees, shrubs, and leaves can accumulate in the drainage pipes and block them, especially during spring and autumn season.


Any kind of fatty substance sticks to the inner walls of pipes and thickens them. The fat storage builds up gradually, eventually leading to complete blockage of any kind of liquid.

Hair Strands

We all have hated hair strands falling off our body when we shower or brush our hair. These hair strands slow down water drainage initially, but if they continue to collect over time, they may block the drainage completely.

Broken Pipes

General wear and tear or cracks in the pipes allow foreign objects to enter the drainage system, which may block the drainage entirely.





Many people have the habit of throwing tissue papers, napkins, baby wipes, diapers and other such toiletries in the drainage holes, which end up being blocked.

Mineral Deposition

The minerals in water deposit in the pipes and block drainage after some time. Cities or areas, that receive mineral-rich water supply, tend to have the higher ratio of mineral-blocked drainage pipes.

 Heavy Rains and Floods

Heavy rains, floods or storms may overflow the drainage pipes, along with blocking them with foreign objects.

 Poor Installation

If the drainage pipes are poorly installed using DIY methods or by amateur drain companies Dublin, there are high chances that either the pipes will be blocked or cracked soon.

Preventing Blocked Drain

Blocked drains can be prevented by avoiding the causes of it. For example, hire professional drain companies Dublin for drainage pipe installation. Remove the hair strands from bathtub or sink before they drain into the pipes and avoid throwing toiletries into the pipes.

Do not try to unblock drains on your own. You may end up cracking the pipes, breaking the drainage system, or even pushing the blockers down into the pipes. Instead, call a drain unblocker Dublin. If you are uncertain about blocked drains, then call a professional drain company to check the drains with a CCTV drain survey. When the local authorities issue flood or heavy rain warnings, make sure to call a drain cleaning Dublin service to avoid blockage or overflowing pipes. For more information or guidance, visit our website!