How Often Should I Clean My Drain?

The drainage system is an essential part of our homes. Along with water, many things end up in our drains, such as soap, hair, tissue paper particles, and crumbs of food. We fail to realize that all of these things tend to accumulate inside our drains, and with time, they can cause clogging. The irony is that drain cleaning is something that barely crosses our minds. However, the real panic kicks in when these blocked drains start to overflow.
One of the most common outcomes of blocked drains is water damage. If left to stay, water damage can pave the way for mold growth. Mold is a two-edged dagger which weakens your house’s structure and makes you sick.

How Often Should I Clean My Drains?

Many people believe that you should clean your drains twice a month. However, even if you clean your drains once a month, it should be good enough to avoid major problems.
On the other hand, if you notice the following signs, you should clean your drains as soon as possible:

  1.  Slow Drainage
    The first and foremost sign that you need a professional Blocked drain specialist is slow drainage. Your drain doesn’t flow sluggishly for no reason. There are several things to blame for a drain that flows slowly. Primarily it happens due to the things that enter our pipes that we have already discussed in the beginning. The worst thing you can do in such a scenario is to hope that the blockage will end on its own. Always seek professional drain cleaning services when the drain acts slowly.
  2. Strange Odors
    If you notice strange odors in your drain area, you need to clean it. The items that enter your drain and accumulate inside tend to rot with time. This process of decomposition releases bacteria. The odor could allude to something even more severe like mold. When you smell these odors, do not ignore
    them, and have the drains cleaned right away.
  3. Repeated Clogging
    Sometimes you need to unclog the drains more frequently than usual. When that happens, do not treat it as another coincidence. Frequent clogging should not be underestimated, as it can allude to a bigger problem. If you can’t reach the root cause of the problem, you should assign the task to a professional.
  4. Gurgling Noises
    Do you ever hear gurgling noises in your bathroom? Do you ignore these noises? Many times we ignore noises we shouldn’t. The moment you hear a gurgling noise from the toilet, you shouldn’t avoid it, and take prompt action. These noises allude to a major clog within the toilet, and if left unaddressed, you can end up with an overflowing toilet and a flooded bathroom. Water from the toilet contains multiple pathogens, which can be detrimental to your health and those around you.
  5. Several Clogged Drains
    You might get away with a clogged drain, but multiple clogged drains are not to be underestimated and must be checked. When several drains are clogged at the same time, they allude to a bigger problem like a main sewer clog. Never treat these issues as DIY projects and seek professional drain cleaning in Dublin
    These were some of the signs that you have a clogged drain, and you should have it cleaned right away.
    Now, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of regular drain cleaning.

Benefits of Cleaning Drains Regularly

  • No More Slow Drains
    With time, debris and mineral deposits tend to build up along the pipe walls. When that happens, the water flow becomes much slower. If these clogs persist, they can turn into significant blockages, and a time may come when you will return home to a flooded kitchen or bathroom. With regular drain cleaning, you can minimize the possibility of such problems.
  • Elimination of Foul Odors
    The foul odors coming from a filthy drain permeates your entire living space. Not only is it annoying, but it also affects your health. With regular drain cleaning, you can make your living space comfortable and safe to live without all the unpleasant stench.
  • Increased Pipe Longevity
    The clogging in your drains can affect the lifespan of the pipes in a very major way, which can land you with costly repairs in the future. However, with regular drain cleaning, you can maximize the lifespan of your pipes and protect your investment.
  • Less Likelihood of Mold Growth
    We have already discussed a clogged drain can damage pipes and cause overflowing, which leads to water damage and mold growth. Besides mold growth, water from the drains can open you up to different types of bacteria, which put your health in jeopardy. Through regular drain cleaning, you can prevent the likelihood of water damage, mold growth, and the outburst of bacteria.
    By now, you must have understood the signs that tell you that your drains need cleaning and the benefits of cleaning your drains regularly. It is very important for you to have the drains cleaned at least once a month. This way, you can prevent all the signs mentioned above and deal with severe problems

Seek the best drain cleaning and maintenance services from Greenday drain cleaning. With our timely and effective services, you can keep your drains intact and your living space clean and safe. So, feel free to call us at 1800-222-332 and share your problems with us.

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Best Drainage Maintenance Plan for Home and Business

A healthy home is truly a blessing. And to make sure it remains that way, regular maintenance is essential. Most homeowners worry about keeping the interior of their houses pristine and proper, but they often ignore drain maintenance. This is not the best decision as with an effective plan, you can easily improve the lifespan of the system and also it's capacity.

Signs of a Blocked Drain

If you do not schedule regular drain maintenance services, it can become a hassle for you. And the first step to maintaining an efficient drain is to know the signs of a blocked drain.

  • If a plumbing fixture or multiple fixtures start to back up at the same time, it is a clear sign of a blocked drain.
  • If the toilet does not flush properly and you notice a gurgling sound, it is a telltale sign of a blocked drain.
  • If the fixtures gurgle and the water level in the toilet start to rise, it is a clear indication that there’s trapped air in the plumbing. And trapped air is usually a sign of a clogged drain. So, connect the dots and call in the experts for help!

Best Drainage Maintenance Plan for Home and Business

Benefits of a Pre-Planned Drain Maintenance:

  • No downtime
  • Helps you plan for future problems within a set budget.
  • Prevents health and safety issues that may affect the condition of your property in the long run.

Drain Maintenance Plan

Although you need to hire a professional for drain maintenance, here are some simple tips that you can follow. These will help ensure the smooth running of the drainage system and also save you money in the long run. Follow this plan monthly and you can easily minimize the chances of a serious plumbing disaster.

Although you need to hire a professional for drain maintenance, here are some simple tips that you can follow. These will help ensure the smooth running of the drainage system and also save you money in the long run. Follow this plan monthly and you can easily minimize the chances of a serious plumbing disaster.

  • Fill Traps: You can use floor drains to direct water away from your property to a storm drain. The stagnant water in the drains can quickly get dirty and give off a strong odor. The gases in the drain can easily get inside the property and that is where the traps come in. These traps exist solely to prevent the odor and drain gases from getting inside the building. It is important to keep an eye on them and maintain them regularly. By filling the traps regularly, it is possible to optimize their function. Just add water in the traps and it will form a barrier, which will keep the gases and odor inside the drain.
  • Clear blockages: It is easy to ignore the problem and leave it for another day but the consequences of such a thing can be expensive. It is important that you clear all the clogs immediately or else they can turn into an unsolvable problem. Know the signs of a clogged drain and make sure you act ASAP. Avail drain maintenance services or follow any of the home remedies given below.
  • Baking Soda and Vinegar: When blocked drains become a health hazard, you need to use this remedy for fresher and cleaner drains. Following this tip once a month can keep the drains clear, minimizing the need for invasive maintenance. For this remedy, all you need to do is pour half a cup of baking soda in the clogged drain. Next, pour in the same quantity of vinegar. Leave it overnight and pour in boiling hot water the next morning. This simple trick will not only get rid of the accumulated dirt but also the bad odor of the drain. It is better to use this remedy at night, once the drains are no longer in use.
  • Hot Water Flushing: It is common for food residue and other dirt to block the drain. Harsh chemicals and commercial cleaning products can help you get the result you want but why not try something else first? You can use hot water to unclog the drains. Boil the water and slowly pour it down the clogged drain. Do it twice and then run cold water for a minute. Hot water works like magic and can easily clear away small clogs in blocked drains. It also clears away any smell and prevents dirt and grease residue from forming inside the drain.

While you can have your own maintenance plan, for serious plumbing issues, it is better to call in the experts. They possess the knowledge to create a specialized drainage maintenance plan according to your specific needs. So, if you want to reap the advantages of a professional drainage maintenance plan, here is how the process goes.

Professional Drainage Maintenance Plan

  • System Assessment
    The first step in any drain maintenance plan is the assessment. Only a thorough survey of the system can help in identifying any underlying issues.
    Remedial Work Suggestion
    The drainage specialists who come to inspect the system will then suggest some remedial work. Based on their experience and the level of training they have; it is better to take their suggestions seriously.
  • Custom Drain Maintenance Plan
    Once the specialists have identified the weak points of the system and any issues that may arise in the future, they will provide a custom plan. The best thing about a customized maintenance plan is that it targets the problems of the drainage system on your property. By addressing the pain points of the system and taking a proactive approach, it is possible to minimize any future issues.
  • Remedial Action
    The drainage specialists will then ask you for a suitable time and carry out the remedial actions. The best service providers are the ones who carry out the maintenance plan with minimum disruptions to your business
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How Often Should You Clean Your Grease Trap?

The grease trap is one of the most important pieces of equipment in home and commercial kitchens. It collects grease, fats and other waste products that are generated while cooking and keeps your oven or cooking range from getting clogged. Despite its importance in cooking, the grease trap often gets neglected for maintenance. Many people don’t even notice the grease trap until it fails. It is also a big culprit in kitchen fires. Although accumulated grease is not a fire hazard, it can burn when exposed to fire due to the presence of oils.
In this blog, we review when and how often you should clean the grease trap in your kitchen to keep everything in a safe and working condition.

The 1/4th Rule
There is an internationally recognised 1/4th rule of cleaning for grease traps. The rule states you should clean the grease trap when it is filled up to 1/4th of its total capacity with FOGS (fats, oils, grease and solids).
This rule applies to every grease trap for all types of ovens and cooking ranges. The total capacity of the grease trap does not matter. When the grease trap is full to about a quarter of its total capacity, you should get it cleaned to maintain the effectiveness and efficiency of the grease trap. Otherwise, oils and grease will begin to flow out from the trap through its pipes. When the grease trap is not collecting waste very efficiently, it starts to fill up to about the half-way mark. It also becomes more susceptible to spilling and fires.

Monthly and Quarterly Grease Trap Cleaning

Depending on the size of your grease trap and frequency of cooking, the grease trap will probably reach the 1/4th mark in one to six months.
If you are running a commercial kitchen at a restaurant with lots of barbecue items, you will reach this point sooner, maybe within a month. If your grease tray does not fill up that quickly, then it may not reach the 1/4th mark even after three months.
As per estimates, three months is the cut-off time for the grease trap to reach this mark. Still, you should clean it out every three months even when the tray is less than 1/4th full.


Watch Grease trap cleaning video here

How Often Should You Clean Your Grease Trap?
Restaurant grease trap

Reduce the Build-Up of Grease

You can improve the efficiency of your grease trap and keep it from filling up quickly by cleaning it daily. At the end of the day’s cooking, get your staff to scrape everything off the trap. This precaution will save you from a lot of hassle later.
You may also want to adjust the frequency of grease trap cleaning based on the season and day. Restaurants get more customers during the weekends or certain seasons so you can instruct your staff to make sure it is cleaned when you do more cooking. On days when you don’t do a lot of cooking, you may be able to get by while only cleaning the trap every other day.

Grease trap Cleaning Dublin
Grease trap Cleaning

Follow Local Grease Trap Cleaning Laws - FOG Programme

Regulatory authorities may also mandate grease trap cleaning and have their own set of instructions. You will probably want to pay attention to what the local food authorities want and adjust your grease trap cleaning schedule to fit local requirements.  Visit FOG programme in Diblin city council website for more details.

If you are having problem with your grease trap cleaning or need professional assistance, then please get in touch 

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How Much Should You Pay for Drain Cleaning in Dublin?

Blocked pipes and blocked drains can become a major problem in expanding urban communities. You can face the problem anywhere; at your home or at the workplace.

The problem generally occurs due to rough use of the drain and sinks. For instance, trying to flush plastic bottles in the toilet or disposing of grainy leftovers such as rice in the kitchen sink would cause it to block immediately. It can also result due to neglect in pipe maintenance.

Drain Cleaning Dublin - Free Phone - 1800-222-332

Drain Maintenance and Drain Cleaning Price


Improper maintenance of the sinks and drainage system can also lead to pipe blockage. In the long run, it is more cost-effective to keep your pipes clear through good and timely drain cleaning and drain maintenance.

drain cleaning cost
Drain cleaning price dublin

If you suspect that the drain pipes are becoming blocked, you can call for a drain cleaning Dublin company to get the problem checked before it gets worse.

Drain cleaning typically costs anywhere between €100 and €150 per hour plus vat

Drain Survey

If you have a recurring drain blockage and you’re not quite sure what the problem is, then you need a drain survey. The survey involves running a CCTV-attached camera through the drain pipes to see what’s blocking the water flow. The process isn’t that difficult. If you hire a good, professional service, they can get the survey done for your entire domestic property in less than two hours.

The drain survey typically costs anywhere between €100 and €150 per hour. Normally survey will be completed within 1 to 2 hours.

Greenday Environmental Drainage Services – Drain Cleaning Company

Signs of Blocked Drains

Some common signs of blocked drains include the following.

Slow Draining

In most cases, the flow of water through the drain is faster than the water pressure coming out of your taps. If the water flowing through your sink or shower drain becomes slower than usual, it is a clear sign of blocked drains.
If you start seeing water build-up in your sink or shower, then you should look into calling a drain unblocking service. Depending on the situation the technician will use a variety of sewer cleaning techniques like rodding or high-pressure water jetting.

Strange Odors

Another sign that you require sewer cleaning is if you start smelling strange, nasty odors coming from your drain pipes. This usually happens in case of blocked drains. Unpleasant odors are usually the first sign of trouble and you should immediately take action to stop the problem from getting out of hand.

Weird Sounds and Leaks

If you hear strange, choking sounds come from the drain pipe when water goes down, it can be another sign that your sewers need cleaning. If you hear the sounds come from visible pipes that are outside or see leakage next to the pipe, it means that you probably have a broken pipe that needs fixing.

Sewer Cleaning and Drain Unblocking in Dublin

Sewer cleaning and drain unblocking companies usually charge hourly rates for their service. The charges for drain cleaning in Dublin generally start from €100 and can go up to €150 per hour + Vat. The cost usually depends on how bad of a problem you have, time of the day, and service quality of the company.
Most types of residential and commercial drain cleaning jobs will complete in one hour, so you will only need to pay for the first hour. If the work is expected to go into the second hour, the cleaning technician will inform the customer in advance.

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Drain Cleaning: Do’s and Don’ts

Blocked drains is an inevitable problem that every homeowner hates. Since the drainage system works 24/7 to direct the dirty water out of your home, it can get damaged over time if you overlook the maintenance of drain pipes.

Many people try to repair the drainage system on their own either to save costs or get the satisfaction of carrying out a DIY project. However, due to the lack of knowledge, they end up permanently damaging pipes and spend a huge sum on replacing them.

If you don’t want to bear losses, you should keep the following practical tips in mind:

Do’s of Drain Cleaning

·       Get a Drain Strainer

A drain strainer prevents drain clogs by straining solid debris. A kitchen sink strainer makes sure that food particles don’t block water pipes, while strainers in bathrooms keep hair and debris from clogging drain pipes. It keeps the drain system running and makes cleaning easier for you.

·       Drain Hot Water

It’s recommended to run some hot water down the drain. Try this on a regular basis, particularly when a clog starts to take place. While it’s not a permanent solution to your drainage problems, it can get rid of food chunks and prevent drain clogs.

·       Call a Professional drain cleaning company

Many people try cleaning drain pipes without professional help, but it’s not a good idea. You should rather get in touch with a drainage service for this purpose. They can address the blocked drain problem and unblock drainage pipes to eliminate the nasty smell.

Do's and Don'ts: Drain cleaning
Drain Cleaning: Do's and Don'ts

Drain Cleaning Don’ts

·       Don’t Throw Food Particles

If you throw leftover food or oily food items down the drain, then you’re likely to come across the drainage problem sooner or later.

Drain pipes get blocked due to small food chunks, oil, and grease. So, before you wash dishes in the kitchen sink, throw away leftover food in the trash bin. Collect oil or grease stuck to the dishes in a box and throw it away.

·       Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals

Despite knowing the harmful impacts of chemical products on the environment, many people still prefer using chemical products to clean drainage pipes. However, don’t forget that harsh chemicals not only negatively affect your health, but they also damage plumbing pipes.

·       Your Toilet Isn’t a Trash Can

Refrain from treating the toilet as your trash can. While the drainage system can withstand a small amount of flushable wipes, throwing a lot of stuff will only lead to drain clogs.

Never drain toilet papers, paper towels, band-aids, and cotton balls in the toilet. The waste in drain pipes adds up and leads to drain blockage.

·       Never Put Vinegar in Drain Pipes

You must have heard it from DIY enthusiasts that you can clear drain pipes by putting vinegar solution down the drain. It can temporarily resolve the problem, but it damages pipes. So, don’t believe everything you hear and avoid using vinegar for cleaning drains.

Don’t hesitate in calling a drain cleaning service like Greenday Environmental, if your drain pipes are blocked or giving off a nasty smell. The professional team can address the problem without hassles.


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Blocked Drains: Common Causes and How to Troubleshoot Them

A blocked drain is one of the most repulsive challenges that homeowners frequently deal with. If the drainage system in your house is old, you may experience this issue every now and then. But you may also end up facing this problem with your own carelessness.

The drainage pipes in houses can get blocked due to a variety of reasons. Here’s how you can deal with them:

Inefficient Drain Pipe Installation

If drain pipes aren’t installed in an inefficient way, they are likely to get clogged every now and then. Moreover, the pipes would become vulnerable and can easily break.

While you may be tempted to save costs through a DIY project, don’t forget that it may lead to drain blockage down the road. So, always hire a licensed, professional drain plumber or drainage engineers to install drain pipes.

24/7 emergency drain unblocking dublin
Emergency drain unblocking

Debris Accumulation

Flushing down debris in toilets increases the risk of clogging. If you flush down items that don’t break down in water such as dental floss, diaper wipes, cotton swabs, and feminine hygiene products, then be ready to deal with blocked drains.

If the debris is visible, you can remove it with gloved hands. Otherwise, use a plunger to force it down. However, if nothing works, get in touch with a professional drain cleaning specialist. They will resolve the problem with the help of water jetting.

Grease and Oil

If the drain pipes of your kitchen sink are blocked, it may indicate grease and fat build-ups. The fatty substances stick to the insides of pipes and block the flow of water. You can use a vinegar solution to get rid of grease and oil.

While it’s not easy to eliminate grease and oil build-ups, you can prevent them in the first place. For this purpose, refrain from washing fatty ingredients down the drain. Instead, put them in a small container and throw it in the trash bin. Also, contact an emergency drain unblocker service for drain cleaning Dublin.

Tree Roots

The roots of trees grow underneath the ground in search of water. They are strong enough to damage drain pipes and can block the water flow.

In order to prevent this issue, water your plants on a regular basis so the roots don’t head to the underground drain pipes for survival.

Blocked drains give off a nasty smell and affect the indoor air quality. It also spreads diseases and causes discomfort. Get in touch with a drain specialist today to clear drain pipes.

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CCTV Drain Inspection: Here’s What You Need to Know

To say the least, drainage problems can be quite a nuisance especially if they occur frequently!

CCTV drain inspection can help you diagnose the cause of the issue and effectively deal with it.

It saves you from the trouble of digging up your property to find out why the drainage system isn’t working at its best. You can contact a professional drain survey company to inspect and repair the drain system.

Drain survey
Benefits of CCTV Drain Pipes and Sewer Inspection

How Is CCTV Drain Inspection Done?

Now that you know about the benefits of CCTV drain inspection, let’s take a look at the entire process of drainage CCTV drain survey.

Back in the day, when drains were blocked, the entire system of pipes had to be checked to find out why they aren’t draining properly. However, modern CCTV drain survey technology makes the task easier. Whether you’re carrying out the drain cleaning process on your own or have hired a professional to deal with the issue, CCTV drain survey is your go-to option.

During the inspection, a small-sized CCTV drain camera is inserted in the drain pipes. It’s then propelled through the entire drainage system. It records the video that will help you look through the drain pipes and find out what’s wrong.

With the help of Bluetooth technology, you can connect the CCTV drain camera with an LCD monitor. This way, you’ll be able to get a live feed from the camera. Not only will it help you identify the root cause of the problem, you can also locate its exact location.It can effectively diagnose the problem with underground pipes.

Benefits of CCTV Drain Pipes and Sewer Inspection

Here’s how CCTV drain inspection technique helps you:

1. Quick Diagnosis

The longer it takes to diagnose the problem with drain pipes, the more damage it’ll cause. The key to resolving the issue quickly is to diagnose the drain problem before it gets out of hands.

CCTV surveying assists you in locating the actual cause of the issue without unnecessary delays.

2. Accurate Results

CCTV inspection displays real-time footage of the drain system on the connected TV or smartphone screen. You can accurately identify the parts of pipes that aren’t drainage water properly. Instead of making an assumption, this accurate analysis helps you find out the problem through sufficient evidence.

3.Saves Costs

Before CCTV drain inspection technique was introduced, there was no other way to diagnose the problem without digging through the property to check underground pipes. This practice leads to higher costs.

CCTV drain inspection, on the other hand, allows you to diagnose and clear drain pipes with minimum effort at much lower costs. It keeps disruption at a minimal level too, since you can work only on the part of the drainage system which is causing leakage or blockage. This way, you can keep reduce drain repair expenses and protect your property from further damage.

You can rent or buy CCTV cameras to inspect the drainage system. But if you aren’t experienced at the task, you may end up damaging the pipes. It’s best to get in touch with professionals like us. They will efficiently help you analyze the problem and repair drainage and sewerage systems.


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On Smelly Drains and Sewage Smells

Are the smelly drains in your home running your day?

One whiff of a smelly drain can make the strongest of us go weak and for all the wrong reasons! The awful stench makes the toilet smell like sewage. While a smelly sink drain in the kitchen makes the idea of cooking there unappetizing.

Eventually breathing in a house with smelly drains becomes a problem and you consider evacuation. Since no amount of room fresheners or scented candles can down the powerful odour of a smelly drain.

Why does the house smell?

The most common reason for smelly drains is a blocked drain. The drains get blocked from the organic waste that accumulates down the drainage pipe.

The two common sources of smelly drains are:

Kitchen sinks can’t digest the food you feed them. The kitchen sink drain smells bad because of the leftover residue from your dirty dishes has started to rot. This is why you need to make sure that crumbs, seeds, greasy scraps of your dinner are all thrown in the trash before your plates hit the sink.

One way to solve a drainage block is to pour some hot water down the drain. You can also add bleach or vinegar in the water. If the problem persists then you need to call an expert.

Bad smell in the bathroom
smelly drains in the house

Untangle your mess to stop the bad smell in the bathroom.

The toilet smells like sewage because of the toilet paper, soap suds, hair and sanitary waste that has blocked the pipes.  You need to regularly unblock the bathroom sinks by taking out any visible hair or grime from the pipes.

Use a plunger to stop the sewage smell from the toilet.

Why should you call in a drainage expert?

Most of the times, DIYs have no effect on a smelly drain because you just aren’t able to reach the root of the problem.  In these cases, it is more sensible to leave the matter in the hands of a professional like those at Greenday Environmental! Our odor detection services are efficient as they use smoke detectors and CCTV drain surveys to completely scour your pipes to catch the smelly culprits. The problem with smelly drains is that they are just the beginning of a long list of additional drainage problems. This is why as soon as you smell those dirty pipes; get in touch with the experts right away.


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How to Eliminate Drain Smells From Your House

A rotten egg-like smell from drains can ruin the indoor environment, even if your house is sparkling clean. In order to keep the air fresh, you should acquire professional services to get rid of the drain odor problems.

Drain smells can appear due to the following reasons:

  • Blocked drain pipes
  • Leakage
  • Dry p-trap

bathroom sink drain smells
Eliminate Drain Smells

How to Detect and Resolve the Problem

There are several ways to effectively eliminate the unpleasant drain smell from your home, but before you do for them, you need to identify the root cause of the problem.

It’s best to hire professionals for this purpose. With the help of modern tools and techniques, it won’t take them long to identify what’s going wrong.

·        Drain Survey

If your home smell like sewage, it’s likely that the drainage system isn’t working at its best. Check the drain pipes of the kitchen sink, shower room and toilets to locate the problem. If you acquire the services of professionals, they will use CCTV drain cameras to check each drain pipe.

The advanced CCTV drain cameras enable the professionals to effectively inspect any type of drain. The high-quality video footage helps them identify current problems as well as any potential problems that may appear down the road.

With the CCTV camera inspection, it’s feasible to identify the drainage problems within a brief time. The professionals will develop the inspection reports to estimate the repair costs and suggest the most suitable methods to get rid of the sewer smell.

·        Smoke Test

Low-quality drain pipes are prone to leakage and breakage. Moreover, improper connection of drain pipes can also lead to a strong odour. Professional drain cleaners can effectively identify these problems using smoke testing.

An odorless and non-toxic gas is released into the drain pipes to detect whether the pipes are properly joined or if the pipes are leaking. It’s a safe and cost-effective way to identify and resolve the drainage problems.

As compared to other technique, smoke testing is more efficient and cost-effective. It helps you quickly address the drain smell problems and clear off the smell to improve the indoor air quality.

Many people prefer a DIY method to clear blocked drains and get rid of the drain smell. But it’s not a safe option for you. The use of chemicals is harmful to your environment as well as it can damage the drain pipes. So, contact a professional drain cleaning service if the drains smell bad.

Read more about our odor investigation service here

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Blocked Drain: Here’s How You Can Deal with It

So, the drainage pipes in your kitchen or toilets cannot drain water quickly? You may be in for some big trouble.

Blocked drain pipes can become a nuisance in no time. Not only dirty water can’t pass through, it’ll also produce an unpleasant smell, making it difficult for you to breathe. This deposited water also spreads diseases and puts your health at stake.

In order to clean the blocked sink and toilet drains, some people opt for a DIY method in an attempt to save costs. However, it’s in your best interest to get an appointment with a professional drain plumber as soon as you notice that the flow of water has slowed down. Here’s an insight into the reasons why you need to hire professional services:

Drain Cleaning Dublin
Drain Cleaning Dublin


·        Problem Detection

If the flow of water down the drain is slow, it indicates there’s some underlying problem. However, you may not be able to detect the actual problem on your own. On the other hand, if you hire professional drain plumbers, they can use modern tools to identify the root cause. They can also detect other issues with the drainage system that may create problems in the future. One of the common technique we use is drain survey using the camera to identify the defects with drains.

·        Quick Service

Leaving the drainage problem unaddressed will only worsen it. So, contact professional drain plumbers or drainage engineers to clean the drain pipes in your kitchen, shower, and toilets. They can get rid of the leakage or blockage problems quickly.

·        Avoid Further Damage

Trying to unblock drainage pipes on your own may save you initial investment; however, you may end up spending a huge sum if you make any mistake. Instead of taking such a huge risk, you should hire professional workers at the earliest. They’ll carry out the tasks properly and save costs in the long run.

·        Efficiency

Unlike DIY workers, professional drainage companies can carry out the drain repair works and unblock sink drain in an efficient way. They possess the expertise and have years of experience in dealing with similar issues. They’re aware of the causes that may lead to clogged drain pipes and clear the pipes quite efficiently.

·        Safety

Many people use strong chemicals to unclog a sink drain. However, the exposure to chemicals may result in various health problems. Therefore, leave it to professional drainage company to clean your drainage system without using life-threatening chemical products.

Now that you know about the prominent benefits of acquiring professional drain cleaning services, you should refrain from going for a DIY method. You can contact Greenday drainage service to get rid of any drainage problems.

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