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Greenday drains offers a comprehensive & dedicated grease trap cleaning service. Greenday has a dedicated grease trap cleaning service team for over 20 years. Greenday drainage service offers a bespoke grease trap service in Dublin and all over Ireland, including

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One of the worst things that homeowners, restaurant owners, etc., have to deal with repeatedly, especially if they don’t pay proper attention to this problem, is a blocked drainage system. Although many people believe that a blocked drain doesn’t really disrupt much until a lot of time has passed, the fact of the matter is that a blocked drainage system can cause serious disturbance in one’s waking life – regardless of how long it takes them to realize that information.

Causes of Blocked Drainage Systems

There are tons of things that can cause your drainage system to get clogged, hence affecting its functionality relentlessly. Fats, oils and grease, among all the things that can be held responsible for a blocked drainage system, are undoubtedly the ones that are mostly the culprits in such circumstances. As a result, all commercial Food Business Operators are obligated to inaugurate and uphold a grease trap system for their own good.

What Are Grease Traps?

Grease traps also known as grease interceptors, are a plumbing device which is designed to intercept greases, fats, oils and everything else that goes through the drain, before entering the sanitary sewer line, avoiding severe clogs in the drains

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There are mainly two different types of Grease Traps

  • Mechanical grease trap
  • Passive grease trap

Due to the quantity of drains that are clogged regularly due to food particles, oils, fats, grease, etc., many companies have begun to offer a grease trap service – which is the name of a product used specifically to trap the nuisances that can cause your drain to get clogged, be it at your house, at a restaurant or even at your workplace. Since the drainage system is shared by all, it is the duty of the grease trap to make certain that oils, fats and other drain blocking substances are congested before they can enter the main drainage system and ruin it for everybody.

The Benefits of Grease Traps and Grease trap cleaning and Maintenance

There are tons of grease trap suppliers, but most of the suppliers have their own idea and style of grease trap maintenance. Greenday offers grease trap supply and maintenance at an affordable price. So, if you decide to buy grease trap, you should ensure that the supplier can be trusted. Moving on, the benefits of grease traps in Dublin are as follows:

  • Saves the Main Drainage System: Since it is one of the oldest yet most reliable forms of drain unclogging traps, grease traps are highly depended on by all. This has a lot to do with the fact that a grease trap is designed in a way that it’ll save the main drainage.
  • Economical: Once a grease trap is installed, the person in question can completely let go of their worries in this regard because they won’t have to spend endlessly on things such as unclogging their drains frequently and paying for the expensive repairs. It’s economical in the long run too!
  • To prevent pipeline and sewer blockages
  • To prevent pumping station failure
  • To adhere to legislation