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Whether your bath or shower is completely blocked or is simply taking a long time to drain, you need to do something to ensure you can get back to your normal routine works.

The Problem
Shower and bath waste pipes are generally hidden from view with very little access available which can present a problem for pipe cleaning. Blockages are often located in the shower trap, however, others are located further down the pipe requiring specialist electro­mechanical equipment.

Our Services
● We use electro­mechanical equipment for the freeing of blockages in small diameter pipework such as a sink, shower or bath drains.

● Greenday uses high-pressure water jetting which takes less than an hour to clear all pipe blockages.
● We do not recommend the use of chemicals for the breaking up of blockages in your drains. These products can be dangerous and require great care in handling.

Unblocking Showers And Bath

Among the many household chores that pile up overtime, a blocked shower or kitchen sink drain is one thing that can really make you shriek. Many people like to avoid these matters for as long as they can, but in reality, this procrastination will only make the problem worse. The main reason why sinks and shower drains get blocked is because we aren’t careful about what’s going in there. If you don’t clean out the grime and dirt to unblock shower drains, they’re only going to accumulate more dirt.

unblock shower drain

However, the good part is that unclogging a clogged sink drain or clogged shower drain isn’t as difficult as it seems, and can be done with simple items found within your own household.


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Components that Block Your Showers

There are so many things that can get stuck in the drains in your house and lead to a blocked sink or blocked shower drain – and if you leave it be, it’s highly unlikely that the sink or drain will unblock itself. Over a small period of time, a clogged drain can also get extremely stinky.

However, the most common cause of a clogged shower drain is stray hair. This is more likely to be a female’s hair because their hair is long and can get tangled creating hairballs, hence blocking the shower drain. When it comes to a blocked kitchen sink drain, it is highly likely that food items, or the complete waste of it, was what got stuck in it and caused the blockage.

Sometimes, tissues and other similar objects can also result in blocked shower or clogged sink drain. This also depends on the size of the pipe that they are expected to pass through because if the sink drain pipe is too thin, almost everything will get stuck in it if you’re not careful about it. Therefore, it’s recommended that you keep your drains and sinks clean by being careful about what goes in them and what the aftermath of it could be. If you have a drain that is stubbornly blocked, calling a professional drain plumber like us is your best option.

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