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Blocked Sewage Pipe

Blocked pipes are a frequent problem faced by many homeowners around the globe. Your bathroom or kitchen sink or your toilet can get clogged at any given moment which may cause a reduction in the water flow. Those pipe blockages can occur due to the gradual binding of dirt and junk to soap scum on the inside of the pipes. This creates a viscous material called sludge. The accumulated sludge narrows the diameter of the pipe and restricts the free flow of water.

Common home-based remedies and DIY tricks can temporarily allow water to start flowing freely again, but if that sludge is not properly removed, blockages will occur again and more frequently. Greenday provides 24/7 service to clear blocked pipes. blocked drains etc.

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Greenday Environmental drainage service was established in 1997. We offer a professional, complete and certified drain cleaning service to all our clients.

We suggest the following methods to clean blocked pipes so that they stay clean for good.

Unblock a Blocked sewage pipe or toilet pipe.

High-Pressure Water Jetting

High-pressure water jetting can be used to clear blocked pipes and blocked sewage pipe. In this method, water at high speed is pumped with high pressure from a tank into the blocked pipe. This removes all solid and sticky stuff from the inner surface of the pipe and properly cleans the sludge. High-pressure water jetting is used to clear out anything ranging from home drain pipes to large blocked sewage pipes. This method has become really popular to use in clogged pipe cleanouts due to better results and has many advantages over traditional pipe cleaning methods.

High-pressure water jetting, also known as hydro jetting does the least amount of damage to the interior of the pipe compared to other methods.

Power Rodding

Power rodding uses a metal cable with cleaning material attached on one of its ends. The wire is lowered into the pipe and the cleaning material is rotated at high speed using a motor.

This action helps in removing all the sludge from the inner surfaces of the pipe by breaking it into smaller pieces which can easily be washed out using water. The cleaning material is adjusted according to the size of the blocked pipe.

Hiring a Professional Drainage service or drain plumber

A drain plumber knows the ins and outs of blocked pipes and can identify the root cause of the blockage in no time. The reduced water pressure could be due to clogged faucet strainers and not the pipes themselves. If this is true, the drain plumber can unscrew and clean the strainer to restore normal pressure in no time. The drainage engineer can also check if the inadequate pressure is due to the faulty water pumping system of the building.

If the actual cause of low water pressure is the blocked pipes then the plumber can either expertly clean them manually or with air pressure or replace the pipes entirely.

In order to prevent drainage problems, avoid throwing any solid debris or greasy material that can solidify over time into the sink as it can cause the blockage. During dishwashing, use a steady stream of water to properly dispose-off particles of food. Avoid flushing hair down the sink.

In general, monitor the amount and kind of waste that is going down your drain in order to take effective preventive measures.