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Are you tired and frustrated of spending your hard earned money on persistent drainage problems? Well, there is a way around this. For a fact, historically, half of the expenses related to repairing drainage lines are on the investigation part. CCTV drainage surveys can help you minimize this cost!

From unexplained fractured pipes, tree root ingress, pipe intrusion, blockages, clogging and fat build-up, to poor gradient and dislocated joints, all your drainage issues can now be resolved without unnecessary hassles and costly traditional alternatives for instance digging and excavation.

CCTV drain inspection

CCTV drain inspection is a modern, precise, and fast-paced method to execute drain surveys in the best and most affordable manner possible.  They make the whole process of inspection simpler, saving you and your repairman, a lot of time, work, stress and anxiety.

This method of drain inspection yields real-time results as the drainage engineer get a quick and detailed view of the internal pipe structure, damages, and faults in the drainage system. No matter how complex the drainage structure is underground, the CCTV drain survey is a guaranteed way of pinpointing the problem areas. Once this is done, half the battle is won, and repairs become much easier.

The best thing about CCTV drain surveys is that they can be performed conveniently and provide report on all types of drainage system like sewers, drains, storm water drains, residential pipelines, underground storage tanks, wet wells, and pipeline system, etc.

Greenday drainage services are certified experts with drain surveys and pipeline investigation.

Camera survey of drains & CCTV Pipeline Inspection

When you face problems with your drainage, your technician will spend hours and days just trying to localize and locate the problem. A CCTV drainage survey streamlines the problem and reveals a clear course of action to follow. Drainage systems are mostly a complex series of pipes. When even a small pipe or joint is damaged, or there is a small blockage somewhere that is disrupting the flow of water in the system, it is almost impossible to know where to start. Every joint may have to be checked, the whole system may have to be uprooted just to get to the root of the problem.  Our Looksee camera survey allows to quickly identify the problem and fix it

CCTV drain survey price

Typically, the CCTV drain survey price is expected to be around:

  • €150 Ex Vat / Hour  [ Most Domestic drain surveys finishes in less than an hour ]

Additional €100 + Vat if you need, Full engineers report, Recorded Dvd, sketches and custom link to the drain survey footage

CCTV drain survey costs for industrial and commercial drain inspection falls around similar estimates but depends on a variety of factors specific to the structure of the drainage system and its complexity.

After the CCTV drainage survey is conducted, technicians construct detailed written reports, compile the footage from the CCTV cameras, and then resolve your drainage crisis diligently. Apart from the convenient process of handing over all the images on DVD, care is also taken to deliver quality images to your doorstep. This way you as the customer are never in doubt that the service you paid for, is the service you got. Everything is transparent, and you can judge the damage yourself before you give the go-ahead for its repair.

Hence, the CCTV drain inspection is the best alternative to identify the faults in your drainage system. It is a time-saving, cost-effective, fast, and a technologically advance way of identifying and resolving drainage problems.