Pipe Relining & Drain relining

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External Pipes and drains can get damaged from a number of sources and become unfit for purpose, in some cases causing problems to nature. Rather than replacing the pipe, which could involve digging trenches and all the difficulties and expense that comes with it, the pipe can be relined.

Relining is the process of repairing a drainage network, sewer line or the entire pipework by constructing a new pipe within the existing one using no­dig or trenchless techniques. Additionally, we can conduct underground drain repairs using our no­dig drain repair solutions

This is the most cost and time efficient means of repairing a damaged drain or sewer system. Our relining service ensures the integrity of the drain or sewer with minimal damage to the environment.

Greenday Drainage service uses the latest technology to fix and repair leaking draiange system without the expense of excavation.

Drain lining
Drain Lining and Drain Relining


Advantages of Drain Relining & Pipe Relining

● Eliminates the need for costly excavations
● Capable of repairing leaking joints, tree root intrusion, big cracks and other major and minor pipe failure
● Suitable for domestic, industrial and commercial applications
● Permanent structural repair● Improved flow characteristics
● No reliance on the existing pipe for its structural integrity
● Minimum lengths of 0.5m can be installed
● The process is accepted by Local Government Authorities, Loss Adjusters, Surveyors, civil and construction engineers and Architects etc