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With the introduction of new environmental laws, Grease Traps and Grease Interceptors have become an integral requirement of drainage systems for any premises involved in the food sector.

Greenday Environmental works with the food sector to offer bespoke grease trap services and include installation and maintenance. Greenday is specialized in both commercial and domestic grease trap maintenance, and with years of experience, knowledge and technical expertise in the area of grease traps, and can therefore provide you with exactly what type and model of trap or interceptor is required for your particular situation.

Using the latest technology and equipment available, we will monitor and maintain your interceptor tanks, ensuring you never have an issue.

How do grease traps and grease interceptors work?

Grease Interceptors or grease traps are designed to intercept the fat, oil & grease ( commonly referred to as FOG) by slowing down the flow of the hot water and grease to allow them to separate.  The grease flows to the top as the water cools down trapping the grease before entering the sewer system, helping to avoid severe blockages in the drains.

Investing in a non-compliant grease trap can prove costly to your business, which is why Greenday Environmental offers bespoke Grease Trap Services in Ireland, including:

  • Sales
  • Installation
  • Design
  • Maintenance

Greenday Environmental provides two solutions for your grease trap maintenance:

  • Bacteria solutions approved by Dublin city councils
  • Emptying & Cleaning by vacuum tankers

Why install a grease trap?

  • To prevent pipeline and sewer blockages
  • To prevent pumping station failure
  • To ensure sewage treatment plants operate efficiently and effectively
  • To prevent hygiene and safety problems
  • To adhere to legislation

Why use a Grease trap ?

Why use a Grease trap ?

Grease Trap
Grease Trap Maintenance