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Home buyers drain Survey

There can be a huge complexity to buying a home. Often you are dealing with people outside of your skillset, solicitors, architects and builders among others. Peace of mind is at a premium, a drain survey is worthwhile as it helps you to understand the value or expense around parts of the house that are not immediately visible.

Why do a drain camera survey?

  • Defective drainage systems are responsible for major structural defects in buildings subsidence
  • Peace of mind about the general condition of the drainage system of the property you’re about to invest in is a must.
  • Highlights any structural damage due to Tree roots
  • Shows if the drains have moved and caused a fracture in the pipe due to extreme weather.

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Greenday Environmental drainage service was established in 1997. We offer a professional, complete and certified drain cleaning service to all our clients.

How do we do the House buyers drain Survey?

We insert a closed-circuit television camera into the drain. Allowing us to detect any evidence of a blockage, cracks or other types of damage can be easily discovered.

What do you get from the drain survey?

What Are The Advantages?

The evidence found is frequently mandatory when presenting any type of homeowner’s insurance claim.

Secondly, identifying the exact location will make it quicker and easier for engineers, architects or local authorities to identify and rectify the problem without causing ancillary damage.

Finally, a pre-purchase survey ensures that should a problem be found before one moves into a home, any costs involved can often be covered by an existing homeowner’s insurance policy.