Drain mapping & Drain tracing

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Drain mapping & Drain tracing is the process of verifying the existing location of your waste water network, drainage system and plotting the information onto a site plan.

It is not uncommon for property owners to be unsure of how their drainage systems run underground, which can cause numerous problems if you are looking to perform some excavation, pre-tender verification, or planning a new extension/renovation and need to know where existing drains are positioned.

We use a range of technologies to track, trace and map your existing drainage system to avoid any issues or delays at a later stage. We will provide you with a set of drawings that illustrate the path of your drains and pipes. We can also provide an active inspection of your existing drawings to check their accuracy by determining the actual underground situation.

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Sample benefits of having Mapping and Tracing done on a location:

  • Pre-tender verification
  • Pre-planning application
  • Helps prevent utility damage during excavation

Client Profile; Who can avail of Mapping and Tracing?:

  • Private home owners
  • Local authorities
  • Housing associations
  • Construction firms, large and small.
  • NAMA

Drain Charting & Drain Mapping

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Drain Mapping & Tracing