Rat blockers for Drains & Sewers

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Rat Poison and traps are the most common method of dealing with rodents. This is understandable as rats can cause severe damage to a property. However regardless of how efficient these methods may be, the fact remains you already have a rodent problem by the time you look to use these.

The only viable method of ensuring 100% protection from potential damage is to stop rats before they can access your property.

We offer a solution that is an alternative to rat poisons and traps. Our Rat Blocker is an affordable solution to the problem of rodents entering properties through drainage pipes and ducts. It will block rodents from the outside while still permitting the free flow of water and waste from the inside.


 With rat blocker installed into the pipe, waste is free to move in the normal manner through the device, while at the same time preventing the rat from gaining entry to your property. The design allows the device to move in one direction while allowing almost the full volume of the pipe for water flow.

Environmental rat blocking solutions

  • No use of rat poison
  • No need for traps
  • No death or injury to animals

Household design

  • Fits sewage pipes from diameters from 100mm to 250mm
  • Significant “flow-through area”.
  • Suitable for plastic, clay and concrete pipes
  • Made of acid proof laser cut stainless steel
  • Fits all plastic, clay and concrete pipes
  • Easy installation with operating handle

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Rat Blocker For Drains and Pipes