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Dealing With Blocked Drains

Pipes and drain pipes are a vital part of your home’s drainage system. Most modern systems use plastic tubes and accessories. If your sink, faucet or tub is slowly draining, try to fix it right away. If it does not, it could be harder to fix.

Try Non-Toxic Tricks to Open the Stuffy Sewer Pipe

When the blocked sewer line and blocked drains Dublin does not pull in the kitchen or in the bathroom properly, rather than a chemical referred to the opening of the pipes is not at hand, try to open the salt. In the acute distress of salt which can be found in the kitchen. Mix half a cup of salt to less than one liter of warm water and pour into the drain. Repeat the procedure if necessary. The salt load on the environment for less toxic substances is for the opening of the tubes.

Try A Drain Survey

A drainage survey is also commonly referred to a drainage inspection. The idea behind this survey is to evaluate the pipes of a home to determine if there are any apparent problems. In most cases, drainage surveys are done before buying a home and are the perfect way to gain insight about the integrity of the home’s piping system. These surveys are conducted using CCTV cameras that are fed through the pipes; this camera relays images to the inspector. This gives the inspector power to precisely locate any anomalies and quickly articulate a solution.

What are the cause of a blocked sewer pipe and blocked drains?

Often the source of the problem are the tree roots looking for moisture that appears around the outside of the tubes; these roots eventually rupture and cause a little obstruction.

Blocked toilets resulting from blocked drains can also be caused by flushing things down the toilet. These items often include napkins, hair and other things.

Dealing With Blocked Drains - Blog

How to Prevent Such Hazards?

Depending on the situation there is the possibility of clogged/blocked pipes – a replacement may be needed in that scenario. If the problem is caused by the roots of the tree, then the problem worsens as more tree roots are attracted by moisture filtered through the rupture. For prevention of blocked drains and blocked toilets, there are also several chemicals that can be purchased at your local hardware store that can be emptied or water your drains to help maintain your blocked drains.


Traps are a very important part of your drainage system. They are water seals that let odor come into your house through the scouring points of your sinks, and toilets. Each plumbing installation that discharges waste water into the drainage system is equipped with a trap, or incorporates one into its design. The traps are made of plastic and come in a variety of designs to suit different uses.  Each time you remove a stopper or empty a toilet, a small amount of water remains in the trap, which creates a seal.

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