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Drainage Problems – The Biggest Contributor to Rat Infestation in Homes

Drainage Problems & Rat Infestation

Rats, the unwelcomed inhabitants in our homes, are associated with plague and many deadly diseases such as E-coli, flea infestations – even tuberculosis. And why shouldn’t they be? They have their nose in everything, every dirty place – they are bound to carry the germs along with them wherever they go.

Why are rats really a problem for our homes? Because they sniff on our food, they chew through clothes, furniture, and even metal pipes – due to their strong teeth and unmatchable survival powers. No matter what measures we take to get rid of them, they always find a way back into our homes.

Where do they get in from?

Drainage and sewers seem to be their favorite spot, especially if our food waste is being drained into the sewers. Rats are known for their low hunger tolerance and they will go wherever they can in search of food. Sewers are mostly the place where all the waste is dumped, so rats are usually found there the most.

Since rats are nocturnal creatures, you cannot spot them during the day. However, if you hear tiptoeing during the night from the ceilings and vents, you know you have intruders. Drainage systems are the easiest way for rats to break an entry into your house, but it is not easily detected because of all the waste that goes down there.

Rat infestation becomes even more possible if the pipelines down the drain are damaged, as it gives a pathway to the rats to travel all the way from public sewers and to your drainage system. According to a survey, up to 90% of the rat problems in your house stem from a drainage defect. And we hate to break it to you, but rats can actually swim all their way up in your toilet. Sounds gross, right?

How do we fix this?

Drainage Problems – The Biggest Contributor to Rat Infestation in Homes - Blog

Rat prevention in drains

It is not easily detectable if rats are getting the entry from the drains, and it is not possible to simply have a look down there. The first step would be a complete drain inspection to find out any possible defects. After that, we will be able to take measures to fix those defects and block the entries rats have made.

For drain inspection, CCTV drainage survey for rats is the best way to find the rat infestation problems associated with drains, by using small cameras with special night tools that can be easily implanted in such closed spaces. Your professional rat pest control service will guide you on how to install these devices down there and exterminate the rats once the problem has been detected. Prevention is your best option in this case and for that, a regular inspection is must, which will be easy if you have an automated survey system installed in your drains.

So, if you have been hearing tapping and toeing behind the walls and under the floorboard, call in a Greenday Drainage Services for professional help you get rid of rat infestation.