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How to Control Rat Infestation through Drain Surveys?

Rat drain survey

Most of the infestations that generally take place in households begin with a small hole in a wall or external drainage system. Most plumbing systems in houses constitute pipes with small diameters, which stay dry most of the time, making it an ideal place for rats and other rodents to find warmth in there and look for food. These small pipes are enough for rats to pass through them, since rats are able to squeeze their bodies into smallest of their size.

If there are no apparent ways you think a rat can enter your building, then the problem might lie somewhere underground. Rats are known to make homes in drains, as drains are rich source of food and these drains interconnect most buildings in the area. Any defect in the drains will give the rats an opportunity to make their way through the pipes into your house, and hide themselves in the basements or attic space. Rats can easily chew off pipes to make an entry, so once they are in your drainage system, it is very common that you would find them roaming around in your property.

Signs of rat infestation

Considering how possible it is for rats to get into your building, here are the signs of rat infestation you should look out for:

Rat habitation in your homes can have severe effects on your living and health. Their presence can lead to drain blockages, degradation, and damage to the walls of your house, furniture and structure. These rats spread unpleasant smells and deadly diseases wherever they go. It is not a surprise that rats were known for spreading the bubonic plague epidemic in the past. These diseases can be fatal, especially if you have kids around who have the habit of putting things in their mouth off the ground. It becomes very important to conduct a proper rat checkup and have prevention measures taken accordingly.

How to assess their entry points

The most effective method of assessing where the rats are entering from is to have a thorough drain inspection survey. Call in the Greenday environmental rat drain survey team and We undertake extensive cctv drain surveys to find the drainage defects that allow rats to leave the sewers and enter your home

The CCTV drain survey will look for drain defects, fractured pipes, and displaced joints. These cameras will also monitor any movement in the drains, provide you with digital images and full survey reports.

Once you have all the information, you can then move on to sealing defective pipes, putting in valves to stop the rats from breaking in, and repair broken joints.

Drain Rat Camera Inspection Survey