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Drain inspection: 3 Reason Why You Must Invest in a Drain Survey

blocked drain is one of the nastiest nightmares for a homeowner. Imagine the waste  you thought was gone and dealt with, coming back to flood the house. The very thought of it makes a person quiver.

A blocked drain can be caused by a variety of reasons. Build-up of an obstruction, a dead animal in the pipes, or just something that you threw down the drain but was too big to fit there in the first place, all lead to a clog. However, since most of these drainage pipes are underground, it is almost impossible to figure out what the possible cause is unless you dig up the entire plumbing, which obviously is not a great idea.

Drain survey service providers have addressed this problem by putting technology to good use. They use CCTV drain cameras mounted on tubes, a piece of equipment that will send it down the blocked pipes to determine the exact cause and location of the problem. Greenday drains uses  hd digital cctv drain cameras, push rod cameras, remote controlled crawler units for drain and pipeline inspection. This post elaborates how this technology works by highlighting some potential benefits of CCTV drain inspection.

1. Drain Inspection

Time, cost, and labor effective solution to a complex problem

As with all problems, it is necessary to know what is blocking your drain pipes and where in order to effectively remove it and ensure your rooms are not flooded with filth. Manually searching for the cause or pouring solutions that might dissolve and dislodge the obstacle might not always work and if they do, they’ll require extensive efforts and resources in terms of cost and labor. CCTV pipe inspection can effectively identify the exact cause and location of the problem without much hassle.

2. A blessing for new Home Owners

Clogged drains are usually hidden away and not evident during initial home inspections. The previous owners might also breeze over the fact assuming you might not find out until you move in. However, once you move in, clogged plumbing can come as a huge shock and give you potential headaches. A CCTV drain survey can help you bypass this scary scenario easily and save you substantial costs at the same time.

3. Sorting out a huge drainage problem with minimal effort

Having to dig up or redo the entire plumbing fixtures in your place could mean a lot of fuss and subsequent costs. Drain surveys handle the problem for you with any of the tiring formalities or extensive repair works.

Drain surveys are gaining popularity because they effectively use technology to solve a problem that can potentially be challenging for the inhabitants of a residential or commercial place. Drain surveys make life easier by offering a time effective, cost-saving solution for both old and new homeowners. 

CCTV drain survey cost varies from the complexity of the problem. Greenday does not charge call out fee. Please contact us to know about the cctv drain survey price.