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Why CCTV Drainage camera survey is important before Drain Cleaning?

The worst thing about drainage problems is when you cannot track the main cause of the issue. If you face similar issues with the drainage system at your house, office or school, then drain cleaning is what you should be considering.

Drain Cleaning involves the process of clearing the obstructions in the sewerage. This is done through high-pressure water jetting in the drainage and sewer. There are other various methods as well for drain cleanings, such as Drain Snakes, plungers etc

Methods of Drain Cleaning

Blocked drains are cleared through various methods. Following are three professional methods for clearing the sewerage so as to speed up the flow of water;

This method involves the use of a device that enables you to clear out major clogs from the sink without using harmful chemicals. The device works as a corkscrew, as it goes down the drain until it reaches the point that leads to the clog. This method is generally used for bore pipes,  drains serving sinks, blocked showers and blocked bath.

The most common method of drain cleaning is the water jetting method. Most of the drainage engineers use this method because of its effective results. It involves a hydro-jetter, equipped with a motorized device, which blasts water at the highest speed, to flush away the obstructions clearing the way along the drainage pipes.

Drainage survey or Drainage camera survey:

This is an advanced method which enables you to reach the root cause of the clog. This method is used when Water Jetting doesn’t fix the drain cleaning issues. The procedure involves a pipe equipped with a closed circuit camera, which is connected to a screen that clearly shows the obstructions causing the blocked drain. Through the inspection, the drain jetter can easily assess how to clear the discovered blockage.

Why is CCTV drain inspection the best method?

CCTV drain Inspection certainly guarantees an absolute solution for drainage problems. It is the best method to clear the clogged drainage. The reason why this method is most recommended because it provides a footage of the clog helping the drainage engineer to conveniently clean the drainage system.